November 14, 2010


I have a feeling that my audience isn't exactly the classic boxing demographic and I'll probably mostly get comments saying boxing is barbaric and that I should be ashamed for putting my hard-earned money down to watch such a primitive contest. I can't help it! I'd be a wonderful Roman. I deplore violence, unless it's for my entertainment.

Manny Pacquiao is one entertaining fighter. For a guy that barely speaks English he just exudes charisma. I've never seen any fighter that quick (sorry Mayweather) and that determined. The Congressman (yes, he's a congressman in the Philippines) decimated Margarito last night. He won every round even though he took a beating in a few of them himself. Margarito's face was a bloody mess by round 11 and then Manny did something that showed a lot of class. He pulled his punches for the last round so that his opponent could finish the fight (without getting murdered). Classy move from a classy guy.

Mayweather? Stop being a pussy and agree to the fight. It'll be the biggest fight since Ali and Frazier were still going at it. We, the Roman people, deserve it.


  1. Christopher: Boxing is barbaric and you should be ashamed for putting your hard-earned money down to watch such a primitive contest.

    Gee. How'd you know that's exactly what I was gonna say??

  2. there is something very primal about boxing.
    and whilst yes, i hate violence, there is something encapsulating about it.

  3. I actually love boxing. It's like a soap opera with hot, muscular guys that are tough. The stories about the fighters lives is fascinating. I hate the idea that they get hurt or potentially get brain damage in later life, but I try not to think about that.

  4. I know nothing about boxing. And by nothing, I don't even mean close to nothing.
    I have maybe caught a fight once on television while my father was watching, but that is about it.

    I am not a fan of violence, and I don't understand why people would want to make a career out of it. But I guess it is a sport. It probably teaches you to be coordinated and I am sure the confidence you are taught to have when you throw a punch carries out into reality which is great. Every sport brings something else to the table.

    I don't understand it, but if someone enjoys it, and it works for them, then by all means , who am I to judge them? Or stop them?

    Peace and Love,

  5. i'm not a fan, but what upsets me is when people take their kids, or even worse criticize boxing yet let them play video games that are all about killing.

  6. Christopher Robin: This made quite a bit of news online. I don't know a lot about the sport; but what you described, sounds like I really missed a bout! Basketball season is upon us; and I am lost in the Portland Trail Blazers.....we are on the road, hard core-and big time. Our lead most powerhouse player Brandon Roy was asked to be taken out of the game yesterday with a knee injury that has the potential to cripple our a horrid, awful and bad way! New Orleans just beat us; but we played a damn good game.

  7. Manny Pacquiao rocks!

    LOL. I'm Filipino. And you're right, Pacquiao vs Mayweather would be the THING! =D

  8. god damn you mayweahter...god damn you

  9. I know nothing about boxing but I'm always up for men without shirts...:)

  10. Kathryn: Because we're both slightly nuts?

    margg: I think it's because it's drama that is real. It's not like a basketball game where if you lose you just chalk it up to another game. If you lose in boxing you can get really hurt. There's a real feeling of emotion (both good and bad) while you're watching a fight.

    Climb: They do usually come from pretty shitty backgrounds. I find pacquiao's to be especially compelling.

    Penny: I'm not a huge boxing fan but I usually catch all the big fights. I love the spectacle. I've got a thing for all the high drama and intrigue involved.

    Melanie: Indeed it does!

    Eco: Yea, I definitely wouldn't want a young kid seeing what I saw. That'd induce some nightmares I think.

    Portland: Always sucks when your star goes down. The Bulls have been playing pretty good so I'm happy with basketball so far.

    Oliver: I think we're part Filipino when that guy is fighting. He's such a fan favorite, no one was going for Margarito and I was watching it with some Mexicans. I really can't wait for that fight, needs to happen soon.

    Paige: My thoughts exactly!

    Talli: Well yea, there's that too. You'll have to excuse me for not adding that to the reasons to like boxing, wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind. Hell, you'd like the weigh ins when they're getting on the scale in their underwear. I didn't appreciate so much, that was when I went on a beer run.

  11. While boxing may not be my cup of tea, I can see how it can actually be quite addictive to watch.

    We were watching the UFC the other day and holy cow, that was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop watching the craziness ensue.

    So yeah, I gotchya.

  12. Ha, yea train wreck, maybe that's the appeal.

  13. Manni is the most exciting fighter I've saw for years, I love watching him box. Did you see the Haye/Harrison debacle, totally embarrassing for the heavyweight division.

  14. I hadn't heard of it till you mentioned it but I just looked it up. That's a damn shame.

  15. Are you a fan of HBO's 24/7?
    A few years back when it was De LaHoya v. Mayweather I got hooked on that show. I went in as a total Mayweather hater and came out understanding (a little) how he came to be the way he is. Nutty family (his uncle and father - whoa!). I mean, you've heard his quote, "All roads lead to me." Sure, he had backed that up in the past. But to say things like that, the man needs to keep backing it up. Ali was a talker (a poet) and, at the very least, got into the ring to back his words up.

    I've not seen this season of 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito....but it's on the DVR. Is it bad that this series totally colors my view of these fighters?

    By the by, in my (probably unpopular) opinion, making animals fight is barbaric. Men make the choice to fight. Choice is key. Choice makes it civilized. Additionally, I believe that boxing is a gentleman's sport. There are rules. There is etiquette. This isn't UFC, after all!!

  16. You know I've seen it on the guide a few times but I always figured it was just like a commercial. I didn't realize it was an actual show so I'll have to get a look. Usually everything I learn about the fighters comes from the buildup while you're waiting for the fights to start. So I definitely don't think it's bad for you to base your views on those because well, I know even less!

    A gentleman's sport... very old school. I like it.

    And I agree on the animal fighting part. Just watch the discovery channel and see it in nature!


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