November 23, 2010

What WW-III Might Look Like

Photograph of South Korea being bombed this morning (image taken from NPR website).
 North Korea's psychopathic leader, in a desperate attempt to distract his people from the mass starvation they are experiencing, decides that the only way to strengthen his position within the country is to bomb South Korea and hope they won't call his bluff. After turning the other cheek earlier in the year South Korea's leadership responds immediately with return fire. The United States stands by it's over fifty year old pledge to stand by South Korea should war reemerge on the Korean peninsula. North Korea's closest ally, China, publicly is non-committal about it's relationship with North Korea and furiously negotiates behind the scenes with the North in a desperate attempt to get their crazed leader to back-off before things escalate which would be bad for business.

North Korea's aging and ailing leader decides that his son is too weak to take over the country when he dies. With probably only a few years of life left the North's leader snaps and decides his legacy will be the reunification of Korea. Armed with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, the most fortified border in the world and a million troops willing to give their lives North Korea declares war on South Korea. The most conservative estimates tell us that at least 100,000 people would die in the first few days. The United States declares war on North Korea. Iraq and Afghanistan are mostly abandoned as a quarter million or more U.S. troops are redeployed to Korea to join the 28,000 already in the trenches. Iraq and Afghanistan fall into chaos. Iran, looking to take advantage of the destabilization of Iraq, invades Iraq. Israel destroys Iran from the air. Iran gives what nuclear material it has to terrorists with the mission of destroying Israel. Meanwhile, chaos continues in Asia as China supplies the North Korean army because it fears a greater U.S. presence in Asia. The United States finds evidence of Chinese troops and weapons in Korea. Tempers flare between the world's only two super-powers. A greater war seems imminent...

The first paragraph happened this morning. I can't tell if the second paragraph is happening now...

Because CNN won't stop talking about the fucking royal wedding.


  1. nonono CNN is talking about Dancing With the Stars. Sheesh! (Go Jen Grey! Beat that Bristol arse!)

  2. Scary times...

    Stupid CNN.

    Although, come on, those royals are so cute. Can you blame them?

    Does make you wonder about their priorities, what makes them report about one thing over another. Like, for example, as of yesterday 29 miners were trapped in a mine in New Zealand. 4 days. I never heard a word about it until a New Zealander friend posted about it on her blog. It's a travesty. This world could fall apart and we may not know about it because of a celebrity break up.

  3. My brother-in-law is in Korea because he's in the air force. All this frightens me in so many ways. And it's pretty sad that we would probably know a wedding date before we would know if a war was started.

  4. while you say the 2nd paragraph is fiction, i fear it will be all to real soon.

  5. It's scary what takes priority in the news these days. And we don't even get CNN in Australia unless we pay for it - our news shows deal with terribly inane stuff. Though we did have heaps of coverage on the NZ mine collapse, with two Aussies involved.


  6. As soon as I heard about N Korea, I got really scared. That guy is mental.

    I think you guys are more excited about the wedding than we are here - or the news channels are, anyway!


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