December 13, 2010


The darkness within me swirls violently, so I turn on the lights. Now I'm bored, so I trip someone walking by. That lady looks hurt, so I cringe. I thought that walker would hold her up, so I panic and run. I see a police officer walking the path in the park, so I collect myself and slow down. I tell him I saw some black dude push an old lady and steal her purse, so racial profiling isn't always bad. Cops are such tools, so I shouldn't get in trouble for that. I  realize I probably need therapy, so I walk into the nearest bar.

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  1. I love these short posts you do. They always hold so much for so few words, I think it is a talent you posses

  2. walk into a bar...great ending there

  3. What you need is an affair with an older woman ... I'm telling you this because you are a writer ... a talented writer.

    I believe you've got what it takes. :)

  4. One of the most unique and clever posts I've seen recently.

  5. Chain-o-reactions...superb. And what better therapy than a bar? Wonder if it's dark and in there, and if that will make the dark thoughts swirl violently...

  6. Hehe. I love this. This post made me smile - no actually grin. You are so special, Chris.

    Bars are the best place to seek therapy, of course. Nothing like drunkenly spilling all your secrets to the person sitting next to you. :)

  7. That is so disturbing. Makes me wonder if you watched the Jets game.
    So, I'm thinking maybe you should be banned from benches and old ladies.
    Stay in the bar. Much safer.

  8. These people are tools.

  9. Oh yeah...another one of your short, incredibly disturbing posts. WTF? Please tell me you're not fantasizing about knocking down little old ladies...

  10. I love how in such few words you hold so much/a complete story.
    But you're a great doubt. :)
    Great piece!
    I also love that photo you paired with it.



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