January 13, 2011

America's Flu

I was over at Penny Lane's blog the other day and her post Listen Up! talked about the shootings in Tuscon, the media, and also the youth of America being a driving force in America. It reminded me of something I wrote for another blog on another site back in September of 2006 when I still felt like one of the youth of America and I thought I'd share it with you because it feels strangely timely to me.

America's Flu

    I have faith, that my generation, as they are just barely getting their feet in the proverbial door. Will change the ways of the baby boomers. These stuffed suit, smug bastards are leaving & retiring from their positions. It is us, who will fill those shoes. It will get bad, but it will not be too late before we take hold. We are in the information era, we know what is wrong and what is right, and we are making our way to the platform as you read this blog. We have yet to arrive.

    I'm often cynical, sometimes idealistic. At one of my more cynical moments the lovely Cheri reminded me why I should be optimistic and idealistic still. I personally feel that America has been moving in the wrong direction for a couple of decades. I see what the government is doing now and sometimes I feel like it will always be like this, that it'll continue to get worse. That won't happen, we're good people.

    What is going on right now is hippie remorse. The same people that were once engaging in free love and trying to save the world are now ultra-conservative lunatics. Because of all the LSD perhaps? I saw an interesting article in the paper yesterday, drug use among teenagers is down for the third straight year while drug use among baby boomers is up yet again.

    Our generation isn't like that, we're a lot more level headed than the all or nothing, world peace or war, bleeding heart liberal or ultra conservative schizophrenic baby boomers. All of this neo-con bullshit will fade away as we grow into our leadership responsibilities and as the hypocritical baby boomer generation dies off.

    Our generation, the generation that is informed, the generation with common sense, the generation that doesn't see the world as black or white will clean up the mess the baby boomers have created. Our activism is a different kind of activism. We don't throw eggs at soldiers when they come home because we disagree with the war like they did. We thank our soldiers during our protests. We educated ourselves, we don't have to run to the streets in rage because many of us are working from within to make things better. They don't understand it, they never will. That generation sees things as black and white, they are blind to the color gray. We live in the gray, we aren't afraid of it, we seek to understand it.

    Never has a generation been so educated and able to easily access information. We will use that information the right way, we will fix the excesses of our predecessors. We will heal America. We will heal the world. It isn't just Americans that come from this generation, the entire world is connected now, we see the same thing in the Land of Lincoln as they see in Lebanon. Our generation isn't about division, it is about unity no matter your nation, race, color, religion or creed.

    "It will get bad, but it will not be too late before we take hold."

    In twenty years, America, the woman I love, will get it's medicine and heal from this terrible flu from which it now suffers.

In some ways we have arrived. In others there is still a long way to go. We'll get there,  no matter how rocky the path may seem.


  1. A wonderfully written post. I hope you're right.

  2. Very moving. One of my biggest concerns is that as I get older something will click in my head that makes me less tolerant of the differences of others as if that is a normal part of human development.

    I truly hope this isn't the case for our generation.

  3. I am glad that I "prompted" you to post this.

    I do believe that it is up to the youth to be the driving force that will fix this country and rip it from hands of evil and the direction it is taking. I want to believe that sometime in the near future we will realize that the country needs to be revamped.

    You are quite optimistic and I admire that. Unfortunately though, our generation has taken the condition of our country and are using it to separate things into two categories free-loving-liberals and devil conservatives. The country is not meant to be that way and it won't get anyone anywhere. I hope that our generation soon realizes this. I hope they see that talking a big game is not the same as taking action. They can be the ones to learn and grow, but unfortunately our generation is not making things better right now, they are just becoming heated because they need something to focus pent up energy on.

    But, let's hope they tire of that and actually become a savior.

  4. Talli: Me too.

    Tanya: I wonder if that is a real thing sometimes too. I think if we work hard to keep young minds we won't get so settled that we become grouches.

    Penny: You did indeed prompt me, even if that means we don't necessarily agree on this point. I understand your point of view but I still don't think we're as committed to one side or the other as generations before us. That being said I think the idea of the devil conservative came mostly from the very real fact that the Republican party under the Bush administration did some awful things. Instituting things like torture and impinging on civil rights and waging unnecessary wars are, by my definition, evil. The Republican party as is has aged a great deal since Bush first got elected. They didn't make many young converts during that time and as they lose grip on the American psyche they have become more and more desperate to retain power and resort to even worse rhetoric and tactics. I think time will heal this. A rational conservative party would really help too.

  5. Optimism is good. I do think, though, that sometimes that same generation can forget that not everything we read is true. Guess I should be optimistic that will come with time. :)

  6. i'm going to actually wholeheartedly disagree with this believe it or not.

    i see the same number of jackasses in this generation as in the generations of my elders. in fact, i see a lot LESS educated people in this generation because half never got a good education in schools. what was beautiful about the prior generation is that they DID get up and protest and were NOT polite about everything - the image of the democrat is getting more (and i hate this term) pussy by the moment because we are TOO polite. and yes, i'm a registered (and bigmouth) democrat. when shit happens in france, they raise the roof. they strike. and they are listened to. the only ones doing that now, ironically, are the ignoramus ultra-conservatives. it's why i have been so disappointed with this administration - we had 2 years of democratic control yet our dems completely pissed around and wussed out on pushing through universal healthcare and environmental change that needed to happen. and we can blame their generation, but i gotta say, everyone is old enough to vote, to protest, to raise the roof.

    not that im a complete pessimist, but in every generation they blame the one before, and i have enough people i've met (im a recruiter so i meet hundreds of all types) that are the entire gamut from brilliant to f*ing ignorant as hell. our generation is running the schools now and that is the biggest disappointment to me.

    there are some beautiful stories that inspire me in my peers but there are also a lot of morons out there. we need to spunk up a bit and stop being so damn polite. passive-aggressiveness doesn't get anything done.

    sigh. smile. thanks ! time for a cocktail.

  7. You always give me something to think about, and you make me wish I had an intelligent response. But while I sit here reading over it again, all I can say is... I hope you're right about all that.

  8. this really is rather interesting.

    i agree with eva, i can never think of anything even mildly intelligent to respond with.

    you're wonderful though.


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