January 16, 2011

Bear Down

The sweet Bears cake my little sister baked for my birthday last month. Da Bearsssss.
Well ladies and gentleman the NFL playoffs offically start today when the Seahawks square off against a team from a midwestern city whose name starts with a 'C' ends with an 'O' and in the middle is 'hicag' and is known as Da Bears. I am aware that some other teams have played other games already but let's be honest, they all suck so those games don't matter.

Whenever Da Bears are in the playoffs I always make sure to watch some of the classic SNL Super Fans skits to get warmed up and I thought I'd share them with the world.

Oh, and who would win in a fight between Ditka and God?

It's a trick question, Ditka IS God.

Bears 72, Seahawks 3


  1. That is a very attractive looking cake

  2. Those SNL skits hit so close to home, it's not even funny. Okay, maybe it's a little funny, but mostly depressing.

  3. Penny: I know right? She made a pacman cake for her birthday that was really awesome.

    MrsCaptKerk: For some reason I only really run into people that actually talk like that when I'm going to buy an Italian Beef.

  4. The Super Fans were awesome. I'm a fan of the home team, but since our coach was an idiot, got fired, and we suck horrendously... Go Bears?

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  6. Hmm sorry to say, but I'm a huge Steelers fan so I gotta go for them all the way. But I was rooting for the bears in that particular game.

  7. Beer for the shower: Sure we'll take bandwagoners, having a shitty coach always sucks.

    boycott: Well I don't think I'll ever be able to give up American women. Maybe I've had a bit better luck than you have. I do have that hendrix song American Woman stuck in my head now.

    Ashley: Me too!

    Eva: I've been going for the Steelers too, until they meet the bears in the superbowl, after that they can die.


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