January 5, 2011

Break Time is Over

As I was drearily recycling all the empty bottles and pitching the last of the leftovers last night I vaguely remembered  having a great Christmas, New Years and Birthday. I also remembered that I do in fact have not just one, but two blogs that I used to write in regularly. I admittedly have a lot of brain cells to rebuild (you can do that right?) after all the various parties and holiday debauchery and what better way to get started then by getting the old creative juices flowing.

Not today though. No, definitely not today. This is just a placeholder to remind me that I have to start thinking about stuff that will make me sound smart.

Since I'm way too far behind to catch up on all of the awesome blogs that I've missed these last couple weeks I'd really appreciate it if you pointed me to something brilliant, hilarious or inspiring that you or someone else has written over the last couple weeks. I'll post up any of the links so that anyone else that needs to catch up has some help too. Or, if you can't be bothered with any of that I'd like to hear what you've been up to.

The Recommendations:

Penny Lane:  I'd Like To Thank The Academy... Some of her guilty pleasures and me winning an award. Woohoo!

Loveable Homebody:  Girls Should Just Settle Down. Period. Disney and menstruation. No joke, go look.
Also, Not the Brightest Animals: Book Review of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris Which as you can tell by the title is a review of what sounds like a good book to me.

Kev D: Focusing on the Present. This is a really funny blog about the hardships of receiving a present, including the crappy ones.

Oliver: Sweet Suffering. Is a post about that enchantress sugar.

Linda  Pochinda: Fucking Pandas. Is about the non-existent Panda-Dog. Geneticists, get on this.

Image taken from: http://gothamist.com/2009/01/02/more_times_square_trash_for_new_yea.php


  1. For some reason your post reminds me of that quote from Indiana Jones. "It's not the years its the mileage". We'll be here when you get back! Happy New years, Merry X-mas, & Happy Birthday! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. He's even quotable. Is there anything Indiana Jones can't do? Well, besides make a good 4th movie.

    Thank you Melanie!

  3. Welcome back chris!!1

    Head over to my blog... and read the " I'd Like to thank the academy ..." post... I have a surprise for you.

  4. i whined a little, wined a little, wrote far too much as usual, and crashed my bike. ba-da-bing.

  5. posted far to much brilliant stuff to recall. Welcome back.

  6. Penny: Why thank you! I'm on my way to go check it out now.

    Eco: Sounds nice to me. I could hear the drum in my head there. Glad to hear from you again.

    David: Excellent work as usual. Can't wait to see that post on modesty!

  7. Hey Christopher. I found you through your funny comment on theTsaritsa's blog. Something about the length and girth of a penis, I recall.

    Well, to counter that, I thought maybe you'd like to read my latest post about Disney and menstruation. Or the previous one, a review of a David Sedaris book:



    Nice to meet you! Thanks for making me smile.

  8. Welcome back, Chris. I too, am having a hard time getting up the steam to throw myself back into regular blogging. The comments from yourself and Ecogirl helped break through the fog a little though.
    Hope your New Year is filled with inspiration.

  9. Hey there, Chris! I think everyone's having trouble getting their blogging mood back. You can do it; you're a great writer! And don't think too hard for clever things to say. Whatever you say, if it ain't clever, I think would come across as funny or crazy. I believe people enjoy reading either.

    My most recent one is a story about sugar. I would love it if you would check it out! =]

  10. Christopher Robin: You crack me up. I am a horrible follower, and reader on Blogger. In all honesty, you are the only member of the "Wolf Pack" I read faithful and regularly. The Portland Trail Blazers are doing well; Winter term has begun, and life as they say, moves on. Yes sir, brain cells can be regenerated with lots of water, good foods, exercise and so on and so forth. Happy 2011 most awesome, dear old friend.

  11. I wrote about the hardships that come with receiving presents.

  12. Loveable: Definitely going to be checking those out. Oh and apparently I should talk about penis more if it's bringing me new followers. Pleasure to meet you!

    Robyn: I find it hard to get into doing anything this time of year. I feel so slothful but on the other hand I don't really care! It is great to hear from you though.

    Oliver: Well thanks for the kind words. I'll definitely be checking out the sugar blog.

    Portland: You've been an awesome reader forever don't worry about it! I'm always glad when you pop in to leave your thoughts and say hello.

    Kev: Well that sounds all kind of sarcastic.

  13. Welcome back, kiddo. Sounds like you had a wonderful break time. I'm just disappointed you didn't share those bottles with me. ;p

  14. Thank you !! I appreciate your recommendation of me.

  15. Welcome back, Christopher. I just know...everyone's having trouble getting back in the groove. Glad you had a great break time.

    Have a fantastic Sunday!

  16. well welcome back. and a late happy new year from denmark!

    I hope this can make you smile (:

  17. Philosophia: Well thank you. Come over I have no problem with getting more bottles.

    Penny: You are most welcome. You're one of my most favoritest bloggers.

    Betty: Hope you have a great day as well.

    Linda: Off to go go have a look now.

  18. Can't be arced posting a link, aren't benders fantastic...until they end.

  19. So glad you found some time to enjoy the holidays. Not always easy.

    And wow, that IS a pile and a half of garbage. But how did you get into my house to take the picture? ;)

  20. Ryan: Yea, was a bit of a crash after new years. But I regret nothing (that I'm willing to admit to here).

    Janet: Ha, your house too huh?

  21. And you did check me out! Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. It's nice to meet you too!

  22. Well your welcome Ashley. Unfortunately your profile doesn't come up when I click your name there so I'm not entirely sure who you are. But you must be interesting if I was enthusiastic.

  23. I'm having a hard time getting back into it too. But, welcome back, and I look forward to reading all the stuff that makes you sound smart and the blogs you recommended.

  24. Welcome baaack! I'm actually still on vacation - last day. Yet I just can't stay away from blogs! How sad am I? :) Hope you had a good break.

  25. you're back you're back yayayayay!

  26. I'm glad to see you back. :) I'm also glad you had an awesome Christmas, New Year, and birthday. I did as well. Lol.

    These look like interesting links and I'm excited to feed my brain with them! ;)


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