January 30, 2011


As some of you may or may not remember back towards the end of November I announced I'd do a week in review sort of thing every Sunday for anyone that wanted to get up on the happenings here at NoFU. The wise and prophetic Kathryn left this comment on that inaugural edition of ChrisNotes:
My first thought upon seeing this here post was, "He'll never be able to keep it up."

I thought this in the nicest possible way and should clarify that I know without a doubt that *I* would be unable to sustain such a schedule.

I'm just saying...
Oh, how right she was. Now that the oppressive force of winter has pretty much turned me into a hermit I thought I'd give ChrisNotes another try. Well, that and nothing on my 'Blog Ideas' list  looks particularly appealing to me at the moment. Feel free to skim through and check out what interests you.


Responding to Comments:
As some of you know, I started replying to comments via email Thursday. If you haven't noticed this you probably either don't check your messages or your blogger profile isn't linked to your email address. If you want to allow people to respond to your comments via email then go to your blogger dashboard, click edit profile and then check the box next to "Show my email address".

If you don't have time to reply, believe me, I won't take it personally, or if you just find me creepy let me know and I'll stop replying to your comments. Much less paperwork than a restraining order that way. A few bloggers I know do it and I figure if you are taking the time to read and comment on my blog the least I can do is reply.

New Logo:
I've had it for a couple weeks already so this isn't really a "new" development. I went with No.FU because it's an acronym for Notes From Underground. I was going to go with NFU but I didn't want to get sued by the National Farmers Union. Plus, I'm immature so I still laugh when swear words are implied. Look at my graphic design prowess. LOOK AT IT!!!
The Week in Review:
Monday I pretty much cried into my beer about the Bears losing last Sunday in It Hurts. Still a bit depressed over that. Tuesday (Rahm Emanuel For Mayor ... Maybe Not.) I talked about the mayoral race in Chicago and Emanuel getting kicked off the ballot. The Illinois State Supreme Court has since said he is eligible to run. Wednesday I posted State of the Union (2011) and shared my thoughts about the President's speech.

On Thursday I told you all my new pen name and my ridiculous reasons for even having one in Christopher Allen. I've since learned that some jerk-off named Kris Allen won American Idol. I'm going to try and sue him to get him to change his name. He doesn't really deserve the name Chris if he's going to spell it with a K anyway. Friday I put up Revolutionary Excitement in which I talked about the future of democracy and human rights in the Middle East. Then Saturday there was talk of babies, shoes, a thought experiment and a very interesting debate in my blog Babies vs. Shoes.

Go Look at This!
Traveler@large over at the The Post Modern Talk-o posted a silly, yet educational, video blog (or vlog for all of you in the know) about some cultural differences between France and the United States that I really got a kick out of. Click here and go watch!

David over at Brits in the USA put up a very insightful post about the past, present and future of Egypt that was a lot more interesting than what I wrote about the country. Click here to give it a read!

Random Tweet of the Week from @ntsfrmundergrnd
Comment of the Week:
Jayne over at Suburban Soliloquy added this poignant response to State of the Union (2011):

I had a lot of mixed feelings about Obama's SOU. I was disappointed he didn't mention gun control issues, and didn't spend enough time on secondary education, which is woefully inadequate in this country. (In fact, he made it sound much better than it really is.)
What he did quite skillfully, though, by way of examples, was to talk about a certain value system (whether American or not) that this country (its people) sorely lacks. Until the good people of this country get out from behind their XBoxes, TV's, away from mass media, away from mass consumption, away from the idea of instant gratification and throwaway everything, and decide to make a major shift in their priorities.
And I think we need to start at ground zero: eduction. Unless that happens, this country is going to hell in a handbasket (to quote... I don't know who). There is no overnight fix, we may not see the changes we desire in our lifetime, but we have the ability to start making small changes now that can, and hopefully will, affect future generations for the better. That's right, you may never see the benefit of your actions, but you may help to preserve, for your children or grandchildren, what little is left of this world.
Don't leave anything to the politicians. Become the change you want to see in the world, and spread it around.
(Sorry, Christopher - I think all this white stuff is getting to me.)

Netflix Stream Movie of the Week: Wild China.

Because China has been a closed society for so long you never really get to see nature shows from the once mysterious country. I was blown away at how incredible the Chinese wilderness is. Sadly, with China marching so fast towards modernity much of what is featured in this documentary is in danger and may not survive long. If you enjoy nature programs at all you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Click here to read the full review.

Next Week at NoFU (probably): 
  •  My take on everyone clamoring to put the dollar back on the gold standard.
  • Another bible blog. This one on Ecclesiastes.
  • A review of Charles Dickens Great Expectations.
  • Some creative writing.
Well there you have it another edition of ChrisNotes. I hope you enjoyed it because if history is any indication you probably won't see it again for a couple months. Also, if you have any random comments or questions you'd like to ask me feel free to do so.


  1. Look at you getting back on the horse with your ChirsNoteyness, good review, lookin' forward to the next one. I hope Mr. Teddy is keeping you warm. :)

  2. ok, personally i'm a little pissed that i didn't make comment of the week.

    i thought my observations on how a pair of spike heels can harpoon your innards, were you to give birth to them, were quite poignant. as was whatever other perspicacious crap i wrote.

    chuh. you just don't know genius when you see it, christopher allen.

  3. Philosophia: Ha, thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Kage: Ha! You know, you were definitely in the running for what its worth.

  4. Ahem. Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

    'Cause it takes one to know one...and all that. Please realize that my absence in no way reflects the quality of your writing or my desire to want to be here with all my heart and soul.

    My time management abilities just suck.

    You, however, are brilliant, my friend. From your witty, insightful posts to your graphic design abilities.

    No. F*#% you.

  5. Wow, I can see why Kathryn didn't think you'd be able to keep that up. That's a lot of work right there!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of work! Looking forward to the next one already :) Also, I'm going to watch Wild China, it has been on my to-do list for way too long, and I have heard a lot of good things about it.

  7. When I first saw your logo, it reminded me of one of those things that you had to figure out. Like...


    I understand. Aaaand it probably took me a while to put together "Notes from the Underground." Oh, me.

    Now that I understand it, I'm with you on the giggling over the implied bad word.


  8. Wow, lotsa stuff here! Love Chris Notes - thanks for all the info!

  9. Chris - nice wrap up. Um, I don't think I've ever been quoted before, and re-reading what I wrote I realized that I didn't quite finish my thought in that second paragraph (some day I'll learn to edit comments). Oh, well...
    I am now waiting for more from Obama on Egypt...
    And another snowstorm...
    Aaack, what a mess.

  10. kathryn: Ha, you crack me up. And don't worry about it, life is a busy thing, always glad to have you pop in when you can.

    Janet: Yea, I think I need to come up with something a bit easier if I'm going to keep it up. Guess we'll see next sunday.

    Apfel: You should, I found it to be fascinating!

    Roxanne and Lorraine: Ha, yea I was quite pleased with myself after I came up with the idea.

  11. Talli: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Jayne: I think he's been way too slow in taking a stand on this issue. I'm rather disappointed at the moment.

    Also, was it weird that I quoted you and put your comment up? I thought about it after and it seems kind of unfair to just put up someones comment in one of my blogs, at least without asking first. I know most of my comments on people's blogs aren't exactly always really well fleshed out, but I enjoyed yours. So if it did bother you, sorry!

    And yea, it's on it's way, hope you stay out of it the best you can.


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