January 20, 2011

Year Two

Today marks the second anniversary of President Barack Obama's presidency. Feels like forever, doesn't it? I can't even remember who the last President was. I'm pretty sure that eight year blackout was intentional though. Remember two years ago when we were all ready to drink Obama's bathwater? Well, we were young and idealistic way back then, plus the Republican party still exists somehow. I still haven't figured out why they exist. I mean, what has a Republican really ever done for you? Honestly, I can't think of one positive to come from the Republican party for regular people since Eisenhower left office. Reagan and Bush II ran up deficits unheard of in the history of the universe but you know, Obama adds to the deficit and he's Hitler. One of those mysteries of the universe I suppose.

Republicans winning the House during the midterm elections was a reaction to the economy still being shitty. I get it, I really do. When you're broke you don't remember anything before your last paycheck. Two years ago I felt like common sense had finally fucking won. We actually elected a sincere guy with a level head during a time when the sky (OK, Wall Street) was literally falling. Fast forward two years and shockingly enough Obama has done everything humanly possible to do what he told us he was going to do and people hate him for it.

He easily could have just coasted along, done nothing, been reelected in 2012 and we would have started bottling his bathwater and selling that shit. He didn't though. He risked his entire political career on trying to give the 50 million Americans without health care some coverage. During my 29 years of life I've had health care for 9 of them. What is really so awful about making sure the lower-middle class has health insurance? This isn't a government handout the way it is portrayed. People living in poverty have Medicaid. Old people have Medicare. The upper and upper-middle class get sponge baths on demand while people like my Dad who busted his ass 60 hours a week could only take his family to the doctor if it warranted the emergency room.

You know what I think we're most forgetful about? Having a national agenda that is trying to make things better for the middle class. It hasn't happened in generations so when we have it we don't even know what it looks like. The left is pissed off because he hasn't been able to do everything he wanted. The right is pissed off because he has done some of what he wanted. You know how that makes me feel? Great. If the outliers are all unhappy then that means those of us living near the mean have a chance.

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  1. Obama, Obama, Obama.

    I remember the night he got elected. I was one of the only kids on the entire campus who wasn't getting plastered, ripping my clothes off, and running around screaming " I love Obama" at the top of my lungs.

    It was always me against the crowd. I was one of two on my entire floor who wasn't on the Obama Bandwagon. I never bad mouthed him but when people would get into a discussion I would give my input and it usually ended in people yelling at me. Which made me realize how much college students have the liberal agenda imprinted in their minds. They don't even know what they are talking about 3/4 of the time they are just blowing air.

    But not the point. I didn't like him then, and I don't like him now. He won because we are tired of the Republican party and we didn't want another Bush. Understandable, but I probably would have taken Hilary over Obama ( don't like her so much, but lesser of two evils I guess).

    I hope that everyone who was running around like Obama was God, now sees that he isn't. He is another president that was not ready for office, he has his noble peace prize for nothing and he really hasn't fixed anything. Which is why I will say this again, Liberalism is not always the answer. I don't understand the Democratic party and I don't understand the Republican party. And frankly, I don't give two shits about either. You are either a good president or you aren't.

    And I happen to think that the last good president we had was Eisenhower. I am waiting for some one to do something in this country, and I have a feeling I'll be waiting for a long long time.

  2. I'd have to disagree with you on a couple points.

    1) I think it's a myth that he wasn't ready to be President. That argument isn't factually based on anything. If you look at what previous Presidents have been able to accomplish in their first two years as President none since LBJ have gotten as much domestic legislation through as Obama. If he wasn't ready to be President his first two years would look more like Carter's first two years than LBJ's.

    2) If you want something to change, by definition of the word, you are liberal. All progress in the history of humanity has been achieved by liberals. If you are a liberal you are for change, if you are a conservative you are in favor of the status quo. If you're waiting for someone to do something then to be honest you are waiting for a liberal.

  3. So I was all set to comment when I saw the ad in your sidebar, "REPEAL OBAMA"... that's an insane coincidence.

    Great post, I agree with everything that you're saying my friend. I always assumed that the republicans wanted to eliminate the middle class altogether.

    I don't think I could get behind any president that is pleasing either extreme to the max. So, I'm with you. Praise the middle.

  4. I'm sure you won't like me less knowing that I'm no Obama fan. :)

    I think he is sincere and wants to improve our country . . . I just don't agree with his methods. Say what he may to the contrary, his actions say "socialist."

    Health insurance for everyone would be nice. A laudable goal. I just wish he hadn't rushed through a bill that wasn't ready. He should have talked to practicing doctors who may know a little bit about the system and may even have a good idea or two (and no, I don't count the heads of AMA and such as practicing doctors).

    But I do agree with you on the two extremes. My goodness, they can be frightening.

  5. Good blog.
    Although, you know, you'd get 10X the comments if you made wild claims for or against the guy. Call him Jesus or Hitler. Either one will do...

    Alas, I'm not sure how I feel about him, either.
    Ask me again in 10 years...

  6. One of your best posts, truly. I voted for Hilary, but it was 'good or better' in my choices and that was the most lovely thing a girl could imagine. Fortunately the first time I voted was in my 18th year, for Clinton's first run, and that felt good, but this did feel great. Probably more so because of the end of the Bush era (I still occasionally wonder what a Gore era might have been like had Bush's brother's state not been the decider in the election), but even though I think Hillary in many ways is more astute, he has a beautiful calm about him and a fearlessness in SOME arenas that caused him to get the most done out of any president in history. I think he's made horrible mistakes environmentally and chose the worst staff with Monsanto ties to lead, and wished he'd have NOT compromised so much on healthcare when he had the Democratic majority on both sides, but all in all, I feel a hell of a lot better with him at the helm than I did for twenty of my 36 years being spent with a Reagan or Bush in office. OY!

    And the people who call him Socialist, Jesus, Hitler, etc. are seriously messed up. Get educated. There is SO much ignorance out there it's scary.

  7. Kev: Google AdSense must have slipped up on that one. As far as the middle class goes they've done a pretty good job so far of getting rid of it. It's been shrinking every year.

    Janet: No, I won't like you less but I disagree with you completely. They worked on the bill for an entire year before it finally passed. As far as socialism goes, if what Obama has done has been socialist then we've been a socialist country for nearly a hundred years. Social Security, Medicare... those are socialist too. So is the public school system for that matter.

  8. I think the guy (given time) will be good for the US, couldn't be any worse than the last guy could he? However I was shocked to read that many Americans are turning against him, with one stating it's a toss up between Obama and Carter for worst president ever?

  9. Katy: Ha, very true.

    Eco: Sometimes I just sit back and wonder what the world would look like now if Gore would have gotten in. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I like Gore.

    Mikey: No he doesn't. He's super-cool.

  10. Ryan: You can't really believe what you read. If they think Carter was the worst President ever then they're obviously biased because the Republican elected before him nearly got kicked out for ordering burglary.

  11. How can people expect eight years of damage to be undone in two? He's human, and he's doing what he can.

    p.s. I like the idea of you opening a bar. Not so you'd buy my signs, even though that would be nice. But, because of what and how you write. You'd be that cool bar owner who patrons would come to for whiskey and wisdom. Much better than Sam Malone! :)

  12. I don't know enough about US politics to comment on success or otherwise of Obama, but I found it intriguing to read your thoughts and see what your commenters had to say. It's fascinating how much can change in 2 years...


  13. I think that you might be looking at this all wrong.

    Keep in mind that republicans and democrats weren't always republicans and democrats. Once upon a time, democrats were the racists, who wanted to keep such inflammatory things like interracial marriage illegal.

    Frankly if you go by the line of logic - Democrats want a stronger central government, Republicans want stronger individual rights - the two are complete hypocrites. Half of what they vote might be in line with that philosophy, but the rest is a complete leap from what they claim to stand for.

    It's not republican or democrat. They both fuck things up. They're both two sides of the same coin.

  14. Jo: I've often entertained the idea of how cool it would be for me to own my own bar. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that would work.

    Rachel: Well glad to help you get a peek into our crazy political system. It's like watching reality television to be honest.

    Syrah: I won't argue that both parties are hypocritical. I wouldn't however go so far as to say they are exactly the same. There is nothing even resembling a progressive agenda anywhere in the Republican platform. They are clearly with the side of the rich and there is plenty of evidence to support that. If I have a choice between the party that fought to extend unemployment benefits to people out of work or the party that almost blocked that because they wanted to make sure the rich didn't have their taxes go up I would take the former. There are very clear differences and I think just writing them both off as completely different is a bit of a cop out. I don't think just giving up is the answer.

  15. Christopher - actually I wasn't talking about giving up so much as an over-throw of the current system.

  16. If you start the revolution I'll join!

    I think that sort of overwhelming change is rather unrealistic though, so I'm not giving up on working from within.


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