February 4, 2011


I only ever spoke to her in double entendres. I would say things like "hello" and "how are you?", that had the dual meanings of "turn around" and "I want to fuck you".

She was a rather dull girl. I don't think she ever realized my hidden messages. I was afraid I would have to reduce myself to being vulgar and come right out with my intentions. This is why I rarely play with the peasantry.

Before I could attempt to undress her with another turn of phrase, she finally surprised me and turned the corner. I looked at her with disgust as she undressed and exposed her frail and tormented frame.

Plebeian girls always give me the most pleasure. If it wasn't for my reputation I would have cast off women of my caste long ago. They only ever let me do things to them. This sickly slut will enjoy my perversions with me. She will give me  her all, if only for a moment. 

Image taken from here: http://open.salon.com/blog/mgafm/2010/10/18/nanowrimo_character_brainstorm_vomit


  1. Hot.

    And somewhat familiar, except the genders were reversed.

  2. Damn! I liked this!! Have you read Steps by Jerzy Kosinski? This reminds me of that a lot.

  3. Can almost feel the tension.. You are at your best when you do pieces like these!

  4. If I do it, will you to? One week, no possessions. No things.
    I dare you Christopher.

  5. Yo, I just tagged you in a post. Check it out, dude: http://thetsaritsasez.com/2011/02/how-crappy-is-your-handwriting-cuz-mine.html

  6. hello, christopher allen. how are you?

  7. I love the after-taste that this piece leaves.

  8. Thoughts, in order.

    Sexy. Mmmmn.



    Ooh, something I like there.

    (Interesting piece, kept me off balance.)

  9. Hmmm. I think I would have liked to live in that time.
    wow, very sexy, Chris

  10. It’s nice being clued into exactly what the secret code is that guys use.

    I know that under normal circumstances, when I say “hello” to a guy, it’s generally assumed that it means I want them right then and there.

    So we got some insight here, and written in a vivid, poetic-type way. Bravo. Perv.

  11. Penny: That's exactly what I was going for, perhaps with a little disgust thrown in for good measure.

    K. Syrah: Sounds like you've got quite an interesting tale to tell yourself.

    Tsarista: No I haven't, but I'll keep an eye out for it now. I looked it up and sounds like an interesting read.

    Apfel: Why thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. helen: Now that's a response any writer loves to hear.

    belle: How far exactly are you proposing to take it? Working around my job would be rather difficult. I'm curious though.

    Tsarista: Off to check it out now!

    Kage: Good thanks, yourself?

  13. Tori: I'm glad, hopefully it isn't a bad taste.

    Sarah: I'm glad. I was feeling a little off balanced when I wrote it. I'm glad it worked.

    Robyn: Not even sure what time it would be. I just liked the way the words worked. Glad you enjoyed it.

    KatyDid: I think a good rule of thumb would be that if you think he might be interested in bumping uglies its pretty safe to assume he is. Unless he's gay anyway.

  14. i think i need to get a full body condom now...

  15. That was epic and creepy in so many different ways. *Applauds wildly*

    Being a customer service worker, the double entendre I use the most is: Have a lovely day.
    I really mean: I hope you choke and die.

    Stay warm in Snowmageddon!

  16. Lets work out some rules.
    1) This goes on for one week, 7 days. Starts monday when we open our eyes, ends monday at the same moment.
    2) we can only wear one set of cloths, and it has to be minimalistic. No layers of shirts, mr. It can be washed, but in that case ; water only.
    3) we can only eat/drink/smoke/ inhaile what we have at home, no shopping, no going out for dinner/ ordering in.
    4) We must write, so computers may stay, but we cant use more than three sites. My choice will be facebook, mail, and blogger.
    5) no money, cash and cards will be locked up. We can not buy anything this week.
    6) if something isn't opened, like a cart of milk or something similar, we cannot open it. We must survive on the last straws of whats left to be used, nothing new is allowed.
    7) If you cheat, you die.

  17. Paige: HA! That cracked me up and is exactly what I was looking for.

    Peridot: Ha, well I hope I never hear those words from you.

    belle: I'm going to have to wus out on this I'm afraid. I have to dress nice for work and I have to go out to lunches pretty regularly. I think that's why that sort of thing is just a fantasy, I can't just let go. Sorry!

  18. Great opening sentence. And true to its title throughout. ;)


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