February 12, 2011


Today is a day to rejoice. In the most inspiring moment since the fall of the Berlin wall, Mubarak has stepped down and the Egyptian people are free. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a renewed human rights movement across the globe.

I'm going to get afternoon drunk because I'm so happy for the Egyptian people.

Images taken from here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/11/egypt-celebrations-photos_n_821992.html#238712


  1. Mubarak Egypt, on the resignation of Mubarak :)

  2. Don't worry about the cultural faux pas; it's the sentiment that counts. Cheers! ;)

  3. I hope they're not "free" like the Iraqi people are "free". Transitioning from a dictator will not be easy. I'm praying for them.

  4. I'm with ya! I just can't get drunk today, but I'll give myself an I.O.U. :)
    It is wonderful news and worth celebrating.

  5. Why is it culturally insensitive? I'm Egyptian and I'm totally afternoon drunk!!! ;-) Enjoy your drinks...


  6. Bahah "afternoon drunk"

    It is really inspiring what they did though. It's amazing to see the PEOPLE create change.

  7. Yes! They've done it. Such a victory for the people. It's almost sure that we'll see the ripple effect across the world. :)

  8. Woooo! Finally! And my husband is Egyptian and we totally got drunk. :)

  9. *Cheers wildly* An antidote to the sad news greeting me after work.

    *Raises glass to the free Egyptians*

  10. Perfect excuse for afternoon drunkness .... so great !!!

  11. Apfel: It's a great thing!

    ab: Yea, they actually brew plenty of beer in Egypt so it wasn't really bad at all!

    Jen: It certainly won't be an easy road, but it's as good a time as any to be hopeful.

    Sharon: Indeed it is!

    Nevine: As you should be! So happy for you and everyone in Egypt!

  12. Sarah: afternoon is the best sort of drunk

    Jayne: I really hope so!

    Talli: He must be having a wonderful time!

    Peridot: Salud!

    Mandy: I know! I usually don't have an excuse!


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