February 13, 2011

ChrisNotes 2/13


Alcohol and political satire don't mix. Last night, in honor of the new found freedom of the Egyptian people I tried to get people to dance like an Egyptian. I then got annoyed when no one joined in or got the reference. Then I was told that the dance was actually "Walk like an Egyptian". That's when I realized I'm just a drunken Bangle-ing idiot.

Go Look at these Blogs!

Kev D. at Highway 10 Revisited. It's hard to do humor consistently but this guy is always funny. Go check his page out, I always leave laughing.

Mandy at 16 House. I had no idea that I had any interest in interior design until I came across her blog. I'm either pregnant and nesting or she just has really good taste when it comes to interior spaces. I also found out how obsessed I am with cool bookshelves because of her tasteful blog.

Random Tweet of the Week from @ntsfrmundergrnd

Comment of the Week:

Kage from Sex, Sequins + Sociopaths made me chuckle with this comment on my post about my issue of Rolling Stone from 1976:
argh, i'm jealous too! how fucking awesome is that? to own such a piece of history.

though i myself have gotten some pretty sweet spice girls memorabilia on ebay, so i really can't complain.
F'd-Up Search Results that Led to My Page Somehow - of the Week:

Netflix Stream Movie of the Week: Paradise Now
Paradise Now is a rather fascinating study of two Palestinian friends who are chosen to become suicide bombers. I know, I know, pretty heavy stuff, but the movie was really well done and shows just how crazy and complicated the world can be. Click here for my full review.

Coming Soon to NoFU: 
  • I honestly have no idea, any suggestions?


  1. ROFL @ stories of wanking pubescent boys!

  2. Hahaha! Great laughs here - and some good links, too. Thanks for the ChrisNotes. (Spice Girls. Really?)

  3. LOL @ the keywords that lead to your blog. I was shocked when I learned "goblins in underpants" leads to mine. Makes you wonder who's on the other side looking for that stuff...eeeew...

  4. That's what alcohol does to you (lucky you).

    Great links, thanks
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  5. SIX keyword searches for “stories of wanking pubescent boys”?

    You do know that THIS discussion is going to ensure that your blog is ranked HIGHER on the “stories of wanking pubescent boys” search result list, right?

    My list is weird, too. It includes “the other drivers attention” (I don’t think I’ve ever actually included those words in a blog), “rattle snake pineal” (for which I am the #1 search result!), and “highway 10 revisited”…

  6. Nice run down. I love looking at what people search that leads them to my blog. The strangest things...

    oh, and I would have got the Egyptian thing and been dancing right along with you )

  7. I'm with Eva, dancing was very called for !!!
    ... and shucks, thanks for the kind words, glad to see I have opened your eyes to interiors, you just happen to have a good eye and know what you like ... your bookshelf love makes perfect sense !!!
    Love the other links too, thanks for the laughs !!!

  8. PS ... I actually thought you might say something like that about my newest post ... I really did think of you ... kind of funny !!!

  9. Yay Chris Notes!! I love me some Chris...erm, Notes. Chris Notes.

    I watched Paradise Now, in high school. It was an amazing film. Intense, but very good.

  10. You know, I would have gotten the "dance like an Egyptian" thing. Your friends were totally holding out!!

    I, too, have major bookshelf love. I'll definitely be checking out the design blog you've suggested. Heck, I'll check out the other one, too. I could use a laugh! :)

  11. i am honored to have been made comment of the week. and all i had to do was mention spice girls?

    i knew it. girl power!

  12. Apfel: Crazy isn't it?

    Jayne: Ha, I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm! At least, I'm hoping it was sarcasm.

    Jen: I know. My blog feels sticky and creepy now! Need to hit it with some bleach.

    Nahno: Anytime!

    KatyDid: I know, thats the really shocking thing. 6 times! In one day!

    And yes, I had thought of that but it was too funny not to post.

    rattle snake pineal? very cool

  13. Eva: I'm starting to think everyone was just afraid to look like an idiot with me. Chickens!

    Mandy: Welcome! And you're right, that is pretty funny.

    Penny: Love ya back! I mean, Chris Notes loves ya back!

    And yea, I really enjoyed it. Well, as much as you can enjoy a movie like that.

    Jo: I know! Wuses. Yea, I need to get knew bookshelves now because I've realized how lame mine are.

    Kage: Well, I figured the Spice Girls could probably use some press. Plus it just plain made me laugh.

    And you know, I was hoping for a long drawn-out acceptance speech.

  14. Does the 6 to the left of "stories of wanking pubescent boys" mean that it was searched six times?

    Because I swear I only looked it up once.

  15. Love the search list results! I had a really messed up one: sex and hairy women. WTF??? Let's get your searcher and mine together. What a messed up double date.

  16. LOL! Oh my god! What kind of post did you write to get that kind of search!? LOL!

  17. Hey I'd rather be drunk than admit I know anything about the Bangles, I wonder if there's a connection between the spice girls and wee boys ranking hmm.

  18. Hey I'd rather be drunk than admit I know anything about the Bangles, I wonder if there's a connection between the spice girls and wee boys wanking?

  19. Chris- Yes! Yes- safely assume I'm being sarcastic. ;)

  20. I've seem Paradise Now and I can safely say that it is not a cheerful film.

  21. Samantha: Ha, now that'd be something I'd actually watch on one of those awful dating shows they show on daytime TV.

    Jessica: I have no idea! I don't ever remember using wanking or pubescent in any of my posts! It's just strange.

    Ryan: Well, I was a bit tipsy so actually I did both.

    Jayne: Actually I meant I'm pretty sure she was being sarcastic. At least I hope she was being sarcastic about the spice girls. There is just sarcasm all around these parts.

    Laoch: Definitely not.


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