February 1, 2011

Family Stories: Scary Thought

OK, before we get into our regularly scheduled post, I have something to ask you people. Have you people ever held, or won, one of these CSN giveaway thingys? They've been approaching me about it and I'm just wondering if it's worth it. I like the idea of giving you guys some free stuff. I also like the idea of selling out. The problem is they want me to give you guys some free stuff and then I get nothing, which leaves me feeling rather indifferent. So I'm going to ask you insightful, wonderful people, if you'd want me to hold one of those giveaway thingys, because really, I could go either way. Also, don't get your hopes up too much because this may ruin the opportunity. So it goes.

Family Stories: Scary Thought

Sometimes I remember back to when I was 15 and 3/4 years old. I was so close to getting my license and freedom it felt like I was smoking carbon-dioxide cigarettes lit with an ethanol-added gasoline lighter. I would soon be able to go farther than ten blocks from my house. I could have gone farther than that before I could drive, but that's not the point. My parents weren't exactly the type that watched over me constantly. If I was home before dark then I wasn't going to get in trouble. There was never really any reason to go farther than ten blocks from my house. Except to go to the mall I guess.

There were two things I couldn't get in my neighborhood. One was music. I got caught trying to steal Southernplayalisticadillacmusick from the local record store. I also couldn't get my hands on any JNCO jeans nearby, which for some ungodly reason, were the hottest shit on the street at the time. I was the oldest of my siblings. I was also the oldest of my friends. When I turned 16 it was like we all turned 16. I was actually a pretty damn responsible kid too. I'd had a paper route since I was 14. I worked at Six Flags all summer when I was 15. I had the money to buy a 1991 Mercury Sable the same week I got my license. Not to brag or anything, but I was the shit.

For some reason though, anytime I told anyone I was about to get a car they'd say: "That's a scary thought". That phrase would make me livid. I was, believe it or not, more temperamental and argumentative back then. I had no problem telling anyone that doubted me that if anyone deserved a car, it was me. Grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunts, friends, random acquaintances and even the mailman said the same thing: "That's a scary thought". Well, I got my car and proved them all wrong.

Fast forward to last weekend when I went to go visit the family. My little sister informed me that in the beginning of March she'll have her license. Did I congratulate her? Did I tell her I was proud of her and that she deserves it? No. I said: "Really? That's a scary thought". I've become the cliche that I once despised. That really is a scary thought.

Image taken from here: http://www.autoblog.com/2010/09/28/government-seen-backing-graduated-drivers-licenses/


  1. Ah, this is the moment when we all realize that we're going to grow up just like our parents, no?

  2. ahhaha!! I've often caught myself saying things only my mom or dad would say. Too funny. And thank goodness JNCO wideleg jeans aren't cool anymore!

  3. Don't beat yourself up, I think it's bound to happen to the best of us. I'd welcome a give-away here because I'm curious to see what the product would be... I can't imagine for the life of me what it could be, but I think in and of itself it would have to be something that kept it 'real' here. :)

  4. Holy shit, I interviewed for a job at CSN Stores in downtown Boston at their HQ, I shit you not.

    I sat around for 45 minutes waiting for someone to see me, and eventually had the worst interview given by some of the worst interviewers ever.

    Whether or not it is a scam, I cannot tell you. I can just say, I'm happy to have not gotten that job, nor would I have taken it if I had.

  5. I was going to laugh at you changing into an *gasp* adult. But just the other day, when I came across a door that was left open while the dogs were being let out,I caught myself saying (out loud) "Are we trying to heat the outdoors here?"

    Not only have I become my parents... I've turned into my DAD. Ugh!

  6. it is one of those things that you will never escape. You will find yourself saying it every time the proper occasion arises. Teens on the road is a scary thought. You might not have thought so when you were a teenager but , none the less, there are a list of other people which induce fear in me when I think about them sharing the road with me, but I don't want to offend anyone.

  7. christopher, darling...what is this CSN you speak of?

    i guess i could google it, but the bubble is all the way at the top right of my computer screen. it just seemed easier to ask you what it was.

    anyway, this line right here: "I also like the idea of selling out": is why you and i will one day be married on top of a mountain.

    pis.s. you look so young in your id picture! adorable! and i didn't know you were from hawaii. huh.

  8. ah yes, i know this too well.

    my youngest brother started high school today.
    it feels like yesterday for me :(

  9. I know that feeling! Seems like just yesterday I was out there trying to prove everyone wrong and how I could do anything that I had decided on, and now I'm lecturing my younger bro on the same thing. I realized this when he called me *gulps*.. MOM *sigh* the other day. That definitely was a scary thought.

  10. Two things:
    1. That is awesome! Everything about it. One of those perfect life moments. I feel the same way every time I open my mouth and it sounds like my mother is speaking.

    2. This is like the 2nd instance this month in which I have heard a reference to JNCO jeans, and I would like that to stop. I really don't need to remember they ever existed.

  11. That's scary. I always wanted to get a car. problem was my parents deliberately bought me a pile of crap to put me off the idea.

  12. XD That is so cute! *Scruffles your hair* I bet your sister was spitting tacks after that one!

    Yeah, celery has a smell. Kinda dusty and metallic and nasty. Pity it tastes so good in stews!

  13. Turning into our parents is a slow, gradual process. Some people are even unaware of it happening, fight it man fight it.

  14. I think we all turn into our parents in small ways. Don't tell Dixi, but I see more of her mother in her than she will ever admit. Luckily it's the better parts.

    I'm gonna go hide from Dixi now.

  15. I've never held a CSN store giveaway, but I won one a year or so ago. I believe it was through Melanie...? I got a cute pair of shoes with the money. It was a positive experience. :)

    Ummm why the heck was it such a scary thought of you getting your license? I would have been pissed too if that was the reaction I got. Sheesh. But it is kinda funny that's the reaction you gave your sis. Looks like you're an ol' man now. Just another adult with a suspicious eye towards the rebellious youth. Ha. :P

  16. K. Syrah: That's what it seems like, I'll have to see if I can fight that urge to use the same cliches as them.

    Tsarista: Yea I do it all the time actually, and yea, what the hell was up with that?

    City Girl: I'm considering we'll see what happens when they get back to me.

    MrsCaptKerk: Umm yes! OK, actually you totally lost me.

    Kev: Well that's good to know, I'll take that into consideration.

    Tracy: HA! Well at least I'm not the only one.

    Penny: That is a good point. I remember all the dumb shit I did when I got my car that my license probably should have been suspended for if I would have ever gotten caught.

  17. Kage: They sell stuff, home furnishing type things, I think. I haven't really looked at the site that much.

    On top of a mountain huh? Do they have warm mountains? I wouldn't want you to have to overdress.

    and thanks! that's the first time I've ever been called adorable for being passed out on a park bench.

    margg: Don't feel bad. I barely even remember high school. Although that might have been because I spent a deal of time with the stoners.

    apfel: ha, i would have loved to have seen the look on your face for that

    Erika: Same here, and it happens allllllll the time. And yea, I had to burn all pictures of me in those jeans. Just awful. I looked like some sort of white wannabe hip hop samurai.

    David: Yea, my first car was a real heap. I'm pretty sure that all the repairs on my first couple cars is what has turned me off of driving till this day.

  18. Peridot: Actually she's a lot nicer than I was. But yea, probably annoyed her a bit.

    Ryan: well I guess that knowing I have a problem is the first step to recovery, at least now I know to resist

    Arguendo | Dixi: Ha, yea better keep that observation between us.

    Jennifer: Yea, only a few years away from saying "In My Day" at the beginning of every sentence. And that's good to hear, at least I know its not some sort of scam now.


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