February 2, 2011

Sorry Blog

... but it's a snow day!

Here's some pictures because I can't be bothered writing anything due to the crazy snow tornado storm.

Made some homemade stew. It was delicious.
Some people from our building pooled our resources to make sure we'd have all the supplies necessary to weather the storm.
Spent the night watching crazy s*** on Netflix. Oh, finally saw Inception too. For some reason I was hoping it'd be more confusing.
Check out the way the snow stuck to the windows. It's like that fake snow in a can people use for decoration. No idea snow could actually do that.

On a scale of 1-10 I give this blizzard an awesome. It's nearly 4 AM right now and when I look out the window I can barely see across the street. Pretty wild stuff. I'm pretty sure I'll hate this blizzard when I stop getting days off but for now, all is well.


  1. Already I feel cozy and warm! Stay safe!

  2. That is a massive snow storm, just read about it online! Stay safe and stay warm :)

  3. Enjoy the days off while you have them!
    Stay safe and warm!!

  4. It’s chilly down here in Houston, so… same thing, really. Right?
    Seriously, though: Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, and stay safe!

    I was hoping for a little better dream psychology in “Inception,” too. The set-up was great. The carry-through was… so-so.

  5. haha the snow stuck to the window looks sick.

  6. I am ,erm, iced in!

    I just walked to my car, all bundled up and everything only to see that is is completely covered in ice, and with the hail coming down onto the top of my head I decided I would not clean it. So now I am back indoors.

  7. Beer and stew: all the provisions you need to weather a storm.
    It has turned to rain here, which means the water is finding its way inside. The amount of snow and ice on the roof and in its gutters is staggering.
    I don't think it'll clear until April.
    Stay safe and warm. ;)

  8. I fell asleep during Inception. As for Netflix! That's all I've watched for the past 24 hours...Mainly Kids in the Hall.

  9. oh i'm jealous!
    i would love a snow day

  10. you're lucky man. At least you get snow up there. Down here in texas, it is 20 degrees and we would be lucky to get snow.

  11. i suppose mentioning that it's 43 and sunny and expected to be back in the 50's tomorrow would just be mean. watched the news and thought of y'all hunkering down over yonder. then turned off the tv and rode my bike to work. bwa ha ha. post some more pix though, ya hear?

  12. You're a sick and twisted man.

    If a blizzard was a person, I would run him over with my car, shoot him with an M-4, bludgeon him with the back of a k-bar, then stab him with a punji stick.


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