February 10, 2011

Time Travel: Hunter S. Thompson, Jimmy Carter & Rolling Stone on June 3, 1976

Last summer I made the score of the century on eBay. For the unbelievable price of 11 dollars I got a package containing four Hunter S. Thompson books and an issue of Rolling Stone from June 3, 1976. The cover story was on then presidential-candidate Jimmy Carter and was penned by none other than Dr. Thompson himself.

When I first got the package I was as giddy as a school girl. I arranged the books all pretty-like on my book shelf and thumbed through the issue of Rolling Stone looking at all the pictures and laughing at the entertaining ads like these:

Look into my piercing blue eyes and tell me why the hell you don't like smoking.
Come on over later tonight baby. We'll put on my new headphones and I'll give you the eargasm of your life! You won't be able to hear right for a month when I'm done with you.
However, after I got my hands on Hell's Angels, that issue of Rolling Stone just sat on my shelf collecting dust until I finally decided to give it a read last night. I was absolutely thrilled to travel back to a time when Led Zeppelin had the number one album in the world, The Rolling Stones still stroked a giant inflatable penis onstage, and the new album from Marvin Gaye was being reviewed.

It really sunk in that I had gone back in time when I got to the featured article on Arnold Schwarzenegger at a point in his life when his biggest movie to date was Hercules in New York. He talked about his desire for fame from a young age making Lou Ferrigno his bitch and how pumping iron was comparable to cumming with a beautiful woman.

The real masterpiece from this magazine is of course from the mad genius himself: Hunter S. Thompson. Reading him is unlike anything else you could experience. You're continually assaulted with insanity, absurdity, biting humor, rage and genius until you start feeling a little crazy yourself. The really amazing thing is that this drunken, drug-addled lunatic was allowed to be in the same room with so many characters that played an important role in our nations history. How the hell did this guy get to be in Teddy Kennedy's entourage? Why would Jimmy Carter agree to a six-hour interview with someone whose been up all night and then shows up to the Governor's mansion holding a beer can?

We were so lucky to get such a unique look into American politics back then because that sort of thing would never happen today. Only an extreme force of nature could break down doors like that and now that he's gone you can rest assured that the powers-that-be added a heavy duty deadbolt to make sure his kind would never break in again. In the end the extra locks were unnecessary because there could never be another. He was never even considered for mass production.


  1. Was that the article where Thompson went with ted Kennedy at a governor’s deal where Carter spoke?

    I read a Thompson piece on Carter in a book of Thompson odds and ends material. He seems oddly obsessed with Carter’s aged mother, but the piece is worth it for the discussion of how he planned to get past Secret Service to retrieve alcohol out of his car trunk/armory.

    Looking at “Rolling Stone” today, it’s amazing that they ever published such insanity and brilliance.

  2. Ah the magazine that brought down a General... le sigh.

  3. All I get from ebay are old appliances. As a Thompson fan, I'm very envious of this find.

  4. argh, i'm jealous too! how fucking awesome is that? to own such a piece of history.

    though i myself have gotten some pretty sweet spice girls memorabilia on ebay, so i really can't complain.

  5. KatyDid: Yep, that was the article. I know, I'm almost considering subscribing though because I saw online you get access to all their archives. I could just donate the new ones to local dentist offices or something.

    K. Syrah: I know! I want a magazine that hip and powerful to come out now. But, they're mostly dead now.

    A beer: I couldn't believe it.

    Kage: Yea, it's pretty cool. Now that I've read it I want to start collecting more stuff like this, which probably isn't a good thing. I'll end up some old packrat with a bunch of old newspapers lying around.

  6. From the sounds of it, I have another person to idolize. Where in the internet do I find copies of his work from my grubby mitts? 0.0

    Pfft, my parents are nearly 50 and they STILL get drunk and streak the main streets in rain and snow. I'm only living up to my genetic potential!

  7. this is really quite wonderful :)

  8. Peridot: Get his books, he's an incredible writer. Can't believe you never heard of him!

    margg: Thank you.

    Mandy: Indeed!

  9. Can You scan for me those advertises? (eargasm and smoking)


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