March 16, 2011

Amateur Dream Interpreters Needed

I don't remember most of my dreams. When I do, I like to try and figure out what they mean. The one I had last night was really strange and I'm completely clueless as to it's possible meaning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The dream was set in a Las Vegas hotel and casino. I was on vacation with friends and for some reason I was sharing my room with a guy I didn't know. We apparently had a friendship but it's not someone I recognize from real life. We get into a number of arguments, nearly fight each other and I decide that this whole thing is just ruining my vacation and I'm just going to leave. My friends point out that I'm the only one with a key to the room and that if I just don't let him in anymore the problem will solve it's self.

I think to myself "fuck him, why should my vacation be ruined?" and decide to stay. I brood for a while because I know there is an inevitable confrontation coming when I see him again and tell him he's not welcome anymore. I tell one of my friends that if I see him again I'm going to hit him and they're going to need to bail me out. The concierge apparently doesn't like the guy very much either and says that I shouldn't worry about getting arrested so I decide that since I'm getting a free shot I might as well make the most of it.

I wait for him to show up in the lobby. I see him, I go towards him and pop him a couple times right in the face. I see him knocked down on the floor and realize that I didn't hit that guy, but instead knocked out Jimmy Stewart. Not young Jimmy Stewart or dead Jimmy Stewart, but an elderly version of Jimmy Stewart. I hold him, crying and yell out at everyone else watching the scene. I scream at them trying to figure out why they didn't stop me and say "you were there, and you, and you, and you!" which is actually from the Wizard of Oz but I thought it was from It's A Wonderful Life at the time.

After that the dream ended and I woke up. It feels like it's gotta mean something but I have no idea what that could possibly be. Any ideas? Anyone else had some pretty crazy dreams?

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  1. Oh, look at that man, gorgeous, talented and a real gentleman he was. Are you struggling with being a real gentleman?! Maybe there's a little subconscious resentment going on. I don't know, but you're in Vegas (which smacks denial) to begin with and you pop your roomie, who turns out to be the nicest guy in town. A bit of a wager you made there - and you trusted the concierge, rather than locking your roomie out, as you friend suggested. My, my. You're the only one with the key...
    Btw, you get only one free consult. ;)

  2. In short...I think you need a good vacation in Vegas! Throw caution to the wind!...but don't spit into the wind, not good.
    I always have crazy dreams and after they have time to accumulate, I go on vacation!
    Take care!

  3. My shot: You have been mad at someone for a while and instead of taking it out on this person, you're taking it out on someone else and you're starting to feel guilty. You'd better apologize before the real Jimmy Stewart incident happens. :)

    Either that, or your afraid of confronting this person you're mad at for fear things will go all wrong.

    I can feel your anger though. Don't try to deny it. ;)

  4. Hmmmm...misplaced anger would be my guess.
    Anger at something or someone that's causing you stress, hence the need for a Vegas vacation, which is usually more stressful than restful...Oh, that's it...a bad decision leading to more stress and misplaced anger??

  5. who the hell is jimmy stewart? and why did you punch him, christopher allen?! he's a defenseless old man!

    yeah. i got nothing.

  6. I wouldn't worry about it too much. As they say, what happens in Vegas...

  7. Yeah I kinda agree with Kage, that's pretty low down going the knuck on a defenseless old man that spoke in a funny way.
    Anyway I reckon that you may have a problem with windows. They don't have windows in casinos right?
    You may need to expose yourself (not that way stupid) to windows gradually. I have a great book about them if you want to borrow it.
    I had a dream about fish that looked like monkeys just before, scared the bejaysus outta me...

  8. I always said a brooding man is very dangerous LOL

    (And that Christopher, is what this dream reveals about you... :)

  9. 0.0 . . . Don't piss Christopher off!

  10. I think you have a lot of thoughts floating in your head. And maybe unwanted people in your life that you can't figure out what to do with. =)

  11. Don't try and analyse your dream just be happy you got to smack a Hollywood legend square in the face.

  12. Haha! If it was young Jimmy Stewart, it wouldn't have been so bad! I have celebrities show up randomly in dreams, but none have ever been that good.
    The most profound thing I ever heard about dreams is that the part of our brain that they come from can't hold that much information, so it mashes everything together.

  13. Gadafiny: Thanks.

    Jayne: Ha, I'll be sure I don't post something like this again. I'm already scared of the bill.

    Sharon from My Blonde Moments: Ha! I like your idea. Vacation sounds good right about now.

    Janet: That sounds like a possibility and I'm trying to figure who the heck I might be mad at, or at least who I've been taking it out on. I've felt pretty laid back lately which is why this dream struck me so much. Something must be bubbling under the surface I'm not yet aware of.

    Jo: That's along the same lines as I've been thinking. I'm still trying to pinpoint what I'm angry about. It's down in my subconscious somewhere because I've been feeling pretty good these last couple weeks. Or it could just be the regular pressure I put on myself.

  14. Kage: ha, well it's the thought that counts

    Arguendo | Dixi: Yet another time that phrase has come in handy.

    Dan: ha, yea its pretty crazy the stuff that shows up in dreams

    Sharon McPherson: I kind of like the sound of being a dangerous man. Sounds all mysterious.

  15. Peridot: Damn right!

    Kanwalful: It seems like there's always people around I'm getting sick of so that's no surprise.

    Ryan: Ha! Yea, that'll be a good one to tell everyone in the bar.

    YoungUrbanAmateur: I'd actually never heard that before, I'm rather curious about dreams so I'll have to look into that more.

  16. My guess: The friend is actually another aspect of you, which you're trying to escape/avoid recognizing.(Hence, the Vegas scene.) The concierge is someone you think you should trust. However, when you punch the bad guy/self, you realize that you actually respect him/yourself (because he's Jimmy Stewart!) and you need to believe in him!

    I'm no professional, but that sounds pretty good, no? I'll send you the bill. :D

  17. Oh, God. I have not looked at anyone else's comments, so as not to taint my professional analysis of this here crazy dream.

    I think you have a lot of pent-up frustration and you have a repressed desire to live in a hotel in Kansas, where you can gamble and punch out old people.


    You're feeling out of control in some area of your life and long for a simpler, wonderful life where everyone knows your name and beer is only a dollar a pop.

    I'm going with the latter one.

  18. Clearly, you're rewriting "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" into a form that can be shown on Turner Classic Movies.

    It means you're nuts.

    I almost never remember my dreams, either, which people find weird, because I tend to veer off into the creative side of things a lot. I think the very reason I'm creative is because I do not remember my dreams.

    I don't know.

    But I AM pretty damn confident I interpreted your dream correctly.

  19. Carolyn: I do like that analysis indeed. Tonight I think I'll probably end up having a nightmare about that bill. I'll know what that one means though!

    Eco: HA! I seriously laughed sooooooo hard when I read that one. Funniest analysis so far!

    kathryn: That one does sound nice, although the former isn't without it's own sort of sinful merits.

    Katy: I'm nuts? That's so simple, yet elegant, and probably true.

    I think it has something to do with being such a verbal person that I don't dream much. The images part of my brain is severely hampered so I think that may have something to do with me not remembering my dreams much. I probably dream in words most of the time. That's my completely unsubstantiated and unproved theory at least.

  20. I suspect it means you should take up kickboxing!

  21. I have really weird dreams all of the time. I used to keep a dream journal years ago. Your dream sounds similar to the types of dreams I've had at times. If I knew more about you I might come up with a pretty good interpretation but I not sure based on what I know.

    Tossing It Out

  22. The secret of the dream cannot be uncovered until you figure out what Las Vegas Hotel you were staying at.

  23. Did you just watch The Hangover? Are you Hungover? Maybe you just have some pent up frustrations you need to let out? Or maybe you need a drink with the ghost of Jimmy Stewart? Or maybe you should start channeling Jimmy- talk like him, dress like him, etc? Yeah, as you can see. I'm NO help at all.

  24. I am the worst at interpreting dreams, so... I dunno... maybe consult Freud?

  25. Sandra: That sounds rather fun actually.

    Arlee: Well it's tough because despite having all these suggestions about what it might be about, I still can't figure out what or who it's referring to.

    Laoch: I think it would be appropriate if I was staying at the Mirage.

    Samantha: Ha, having a drink with the ghost of Jimmy Stewart would be awesome! My Jimmy impression is awful though, so it can't be that.

    Talli: Well since I'm resurrecting dead people in my dream I might as well bring him back too.


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