March 3, 2011

A Fool's Errand

Little Johnny was so fast you see
and had a great idea.
He'd spread it 'round, so brash was he
and tell it to the world.

His little town  was better than theirs'
and he'd make 'em all agree.
Little Johnny, he would brag and boast
until they came to see.

Johnny was so shocked to learn that
not everyone agreed.
Some threw sticks and others stones.
Shockin' Johnny to his bones.

He thought them blind and made his mind
to fight until the end.
If Little Johnny had only saw the folly of his way,
he might have learned a thing or two,
that would have saved him to this day.

Alas, Little Johnny's eyes were closed
and his mind as well.
Instead of embracing what he saw,
he got pushed on down a hill.

Little Johnny never made it home again
to the place he found so swell.
Remember that next time ya think it's
better where ya dwell.

We're all quite different but in ways,
we're just the same.
Going on about how great you are
drives everyone insane.

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  1. goddamn kids!

    anyway. i'm here for the biscuits?

  2. Christine and Mel: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Tanya: Absolutely nothing. *Shakes it all funky like* Huah!

    Kage: I'll cook em up now...

  3. Wow ... my brain is running a mile a minute now.

  4. Po 'lil Johnny. Some kids have to learn lessons the hard way.


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