March 19, 2011


Sometimes I want to pack a cooler full of beer, buy a big bag of weed, get in my car and just fucking go. I won't of course, because I'm responsible and shit. It's a lot easier to get in trouble doing something that reckless nowadays. I love Hunter S. Thompson, but he fucked up. He did what most of us have done or at least yearned to do. He grabbed a suitcase full of drugs, hit the road and saw just how wild this place we call America can really be. I find that to be personally acceptable. What I take issue with is that he wrote about it. He showed the world how reckless we can be and repulsed nearly every square that ever got stuck in a suburb.

Because of you, Hunter, if I get behind the wheel of some hot and heavy American steel, down a bottle of Wild Turkey and chase it with a handful of Xanax I'm suddenly a "criminal" because I drove through a "school zone" at 85 MPH with "children" present. Children, I might add, that never would have amounted to shit anyway because let's face it, we might be good at self-indulgence, but we fucking suck at education.

Nowadays if you want to do something selfish, irresponsible and reckless the U.N. passes a resolution that authorizes "the man" to bomb you and your mad mates into oblivion. I ask you, is that really the sort of the world we want to live in? Probably, but only because we're all responsible and shit.

Image taken from here. Also, the most awesome cover letter ever written can be found there.


  1. As your attorney, i advise that you get on the road IMMEDIATELY, ignoring all "speed limit" signs, (those were put there for people who drive without a purpose)driva DIRECTLY to your dealer, then to Vegas. Ignore that you may have to drive through bat country. I don't know what state you're driving from but Arizona must be avoided at ALL costs, the bats here got themselves elected to office and have attached their hateful "guano" to the laws of this hell hole. Oh well I lost my train of thought. It must be the Xanax kicking in....or the Mescaline.

  2. Gosh, I agree with you on this one completely, such an awesome post. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be reckless, and not give a crap about what anyone else thinks? :) Haha and rafa's comment is awesome too.

  3. You have no idea how much I think about this. Probably more than most people would consider sane. It has taken a great deal of effort to keep myself from doing that very thing. One day I'll just say fuck it.

    I'll just go.

  4. Yeah, we’re a nation of pansies, sorta.

    First, we can’t own other people. Then, we can only work kids so many hours a week. Then, if we want to sell food, we have to get some government bureaucrat to approve it and say it’s not deadly.

    If I am so talented and/or lucky and/or diligent as to one day run my own country, I ought to be able to do what the hell I want to the people who live there.

    Thompson was a wuss, though. In the end, his book was about the end of the Sixties, and how all the Big Ambitions had collapsed into a drug-induced aimless wreck. A real man would have named himself King of Las Vegas and dared the authorities to dethrone him…

  5. so, you're pissed cuz dr. gonzo beat you to the punch and stole your thunder? ;)

  6. Gadafiny: Thanks.

    Rafa: Ha! That was great, and why you should never go on a road trip without your attorney.

    Philosophia: I'm not going to say I've never done it before, just not for more than a week or so at a time. It's a liberating feeling.

    Eva: Take me with!

  7. Katy: Ha, that would have been an awesome spectacle!

    Belle: Let's go.

    Kage: Basically. You didn't have to bust me out in front of everyone though. Thanks!


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