April 18, 2011

The Civil War Should Not Be Celebrated

I saw a few articles last night that really annoyed the shit out of me. Apparently, because northern states aren't hosting huge galas to commemorate the 150th anniversary of The Civil War we are somehow ignorant of history. I beg to differ. The reason we don't spend all of our time hosting elaborate reenactments is because we realize that The Civil War isn't something to be proud of, but something to be ashamed of.

The Civil War showed exactly how insane and barbaric Americans can be. There may have been some people that died valiant deaths during the war, but that doesn't mean the war should be celebrated. We should be horrified by The Civil War. We slaughtered each other over the right to enslave some of us. I don't see what there is to be proud of. Especially not if you're celebrating the achievements of the Confederacy.

Even if you buy into the asinine argument that The Civil War was fought over "states-rights" rather than slavery, you still have to admit that the Confederacy fought a war against the United States of America on American soil. Have you ever seen what we've done to anyone willing to fight against the United States? We tend to use A-Bombs and Napalm. We sure as hell don't fly their flag and make it a fashion statement.

The Civil War was the worst thing that ever happened to the United States of America. When that legacy is remembered, maybe I'll attend a reenactment.
Image taken from: http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/usa/pages/Confederate-reenactors-promise-secession-if-Obama-elected-Scrape-TV-The-World-on-your-side.html


  1. If it was fought over 'state's rights', it was fought over a STATE's RIGHT to OWN other human beings.

    That's like saying last week's budget fiasco was about the budget, and not about de-funding planned parenthood and a woman's reproductive rights.

  2. IMO we should be horrified by ALL wars.

    I get a tickle out of the people who use this golden logic re: the Confederate flag: "It's not racism; it's history." Yeah, it's a history... OF RACISM. Same thing. And the last time I checked, the losers weren't allowed to fly their flag anymore. Take it down, Bubba-Jim.

  3. Both commentors above got it right. The "civil" war was about the very UNcivil practice or OWNING people! WTF? I don'y give a shit what spin people put on it, it was about slavery pure and simple. Wars shouldn't be celebrated anyway, they should be avoided. Are we gonna start celebrating Vietnam, Korea,WWI, WWII, Iraq I, Iraq II, Arghanistan, etc, etc? (holy shit, we fight a lot)

  4. Not sure I'd agree given that some good came out of it; admittedly at a horrendous price, the contrabands decision at Fort Monroe, for instance, that signalled the beginning of the end of slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation itself.

  5. i def think it should be remembered...and we can only hope some day we'll learn how to resolves issues without war.

  6. i'm gonna be all boring and just be another person completely agreeing with you. damn, what's the fun in that?

  7. Oh how weird I was just at a Civil War reenactment over the weekend and thought the same exact thing. Of course, you said it way better than I ever could. I just don't understand why the south (or midwest, in my case) seems so anxious to celebrate the war.

    When I was at the reenactment Sunday, I met a man from Iowa who travels the country, going to each and every one. He's obessed with them. It was really uncomfortable to stand in front of him during it too because he kept shouting and rooting for the south to "kill those Northern bastards!" Ummm..

  8. yeah, we have something similar in canada. we celebrate how we took the native's people land, then raped their wives and murdered their children. hooray!

    just kidding.

  9. What in the FUCK??

    Wanna come get pissed with me and the local Iwi to celebrate signing a badly translated treaty of cohabitation?

  10. That something that being a foreigner I've never understood -- the south lost, yet it's only in the southern states that these re-enactments take place. Also, the confederate flag seems to be a symbol of pride...Huh?

  11. I am in the South, and I don't understand it.

    I understand the attitude. I can even understand flying the Confederate flag with non-racist intentions - in osrt of the way one might have an anarchist flag or something.

    But celebrating the most deadly war in American history - a war in which Americans killed Americans - I don't understand.

    Can you name another war in which people on the LOSING side celebrate having lost a war? In the case of World War 2, this would be unthinkable.

    The only examples I can think of are in the case of underdog losers of wars where the fight continues - say, Palestine.

    And there's my answer: The Southern racists think of themselves as a persecuted minority that is going to eventually come back around and beat Lincoln's Union troops...

  12. Definitely a strange thing. And from what I've read, it really all started in Kansas. I've been to several Civil War battlefields. It's profoundly moving and sad. I think a reenactment for history's sake, as a demonstration, as and educational tool, is alright, but not as a celebratory occasion. That's just twisted.

  13. I teach Intercultural Communication and we had a discussion the other day over the Confederate Flag and its symbolism. Pretty interesting stuff. I think it is such a disrespectful "tradition" to have reenactments. Turns my stomach.

  14. I think that people say take down the confederate Battle flag because it's rasist, but i dnt see what that will solve anyway. Like it doesn't matter if the flag is band or not there will still be racism either way so i dnt see what everyone is fussing about everyone acts like we have racism because of a flag No we have racism cuz people are so obsesed with thinking one color is better than the other but no matter the color we are all PEOPLE!!!! People is the reason for racism not FLAGS!!!!

  15. oh, ignorant child. Whats that all that writing about something you already said you don't understand?

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