April 9, 2011


There is always that one thought. It floats around inconspicuously. You grasp it and hold onto it. You do everything you can to remember it. Then it turns to steam and evaporates through your fingertips. It was such a good idea, but it wasn't your idea. You just held onto it for a little while. Put your own spin on it. That idea was destined for other people. It only wanted your fingerprint.

It's frustrating, but it's OK. You thought it was yours, but what did you do with it? Nothing. Let it go. It will make someone else very happy. It might even make someone rich. I had an idea for bacon rings once. It's a simple idea. Take an onion ring. Replace the onion with bacon. Sell it to White Castle. Watch the money roll in. It's silly. You'd eat one though, wouldn't you? Someday someone will take up the cause and it will get made. It won't bother me, even if it is wildly successful.

I'll drink too much. Order a sack, and realize why the idea left me the next morning. It was, and wasn't meant to be. Life has a strange way of working silly things like this out. Remember that next time you have a great idea and forget what it was. The universe will find a way. You can be bitter, or you can bite down and enjoy.

I did a search after I wrote this. Apparently someone came up with the same idea about the same time I did. They did something about it though, I didn't. It wasn't mine to begin with.

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  1. This is quite possibly the only time I might ever challenge the old saying: "bacon makes everything better." ;)

  2. Bacon rings sound awesome. At fist I thought that pic was a bacon-filled doughnut, which I think would've been equally awesome.

  3. Well I suppose there is two, no three essential food groups in here. Bacon, onions and beer.
    I have been told by my doctor that I am dangerously underweight so I may experiment with this little concoction.
    Yes, I believe I have had food ideas stolen to and indeed it does cut me to the quick.
    As a kid I thought combining the tasty goodness of a mars bar and batter then deep frying it.Nummy num goodness!
    Well, whaddya know, some knucklehead at the local fish n chip shop decided otherwise and it was all the rage.
    It still is and I cry in silence.
    I am with you brother...

  4. This isn’t a farfetched idea. History is sort of FULL of incidents where two isolated individuals came up with the same idea independently but at the same time.

    In physics, they say some advances are just “in the air”…

    Bacon rings, though…. That’s not physics. That’s just genius. You was robbed.

  5. It makes me wonder if we ever really have the capability of original thought. We think we do....

  6. I so wanna try bacon rings now :|


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