April 13, 2011

Love and Happiness II

The bitch took my dope. I couldn't fucking believe it. I wanted to grab her and choke the shit out of her. What right does she have to take what I need just to get through a day of her fucking bullshit?

I never wanted to hit her, but I will if I have to. She never complained about it until I moved in with her. She can't pay her rent. I pay all the bills! When I want to have a little hard earned fun, all of a sudden I'm the bad guy? Give me a break. This stupid bitch was lost till she met me. Call me an asshole all you want. I don't give a fuck. Yea, I've got my habits. I go to work everyday though, don't I?

You can lead a dog to water but you can't make her think. I can leave anytime and move back in with my brother. Where would she go? She'd be back on the street the same way I found her. She knows it. That's why we play by my rules. Get on your knees or get the fuck out.
Image taken from here: http://www.smallfuel.com/blog/entry/what-cigarettes-can-teach-you-about-branding/


  1. Stings like a slap to the face. Good piece.

  2. You are a genius, you know that right?

  3. is it fucked up that that turned me on?

  4. Sounds Palahniukesque. Good shit.

    So did the bitch leave?

  5. 'You can lead a dog to water but you can't make her think.' Hmmm. Interesting??? :)


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