April 21, 2011

Love and Happiness IV

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The left side of her lip wants to curl but she won't let it. You can see it all over her face; she has a surprise. It smells like gilded ceilings and yellow brick roads. She's sitting in front of a marble cake covered in strawberry frosting. She looks up and smiles. She thinks to herself "there he is, the love of my life and the bane of my existence".

She says "happy birthday hunny! I've missed you. I hope you like the decorations, we did good, right?"

"Thank you baby. Everything is perfect. Come sit on my lap. You look so tense. I love both of you so much. I know I get mad sometimes, but I want you to see how much work I'm trying to put into this thing we call a family. I love you girl, no matter what. You belong to me and I belong to you. Just don't make me mad anymore. Please! It's not worth it baby. On nights like this I feel like the biggest and best man in the world. Make me feel like this everyday. We'll have a long life together as long as you don't mess up."

She put her head in his lap. He played with her hair. They both stopped caring.

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  1. Love that last paragraph. Last sentence. Very powerful.


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