May 1, 2011

ChrisNotes 5/1


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I looked at Google Reader last night and saw that I hadn't attempted to read any blogs in 15 days. Then I hit "mark all as read" and erased the last two weeks of your life. I have that power. Most bloggers apologize when they don't make the rounds and catch up with everyone's blog, not me. I say it's not me, it's you. You all really need to step up and be more interesting. Just kidding, you know I love you baby.

Pages. I added a Sponsor Me! page and a page for the ongoing story Love and Happiness so check those out if you're so inclined.

Go Look!

Since I haven't really been reading blogs I've decided to recommend something incredible that I've come across recently. I've been catching up on the TED talks lately and this one completely blew me away. This guy has figured out how to print out organs. I shit you not. He actually used an inkjet printer to make a bone. You have to check this out, it could change the world.

Random Tweet of the Week from @ntsfrmundergrnd :

 Netflix Stream Movie of the Week: Herb & Dorothy.
Herb and Dorothy Vogel are a sweet little elderly couple who are essentially hoarders. Except they don't collect newspaper clippings and McDonald's cups, they hoard art and they have quite an eye for it. Despite the fact that he worked at a post office and she was a librarian, they were able to amass an art collection valued in the millions and store it in their tiny Manhattan apartment. Everything about this story is delightful, you really owe it to yourself to watch this documentary. Click here to read my full review.

Coming Soon to NoFU
  • The continuation of Love and Happiness
  • The Contented Atheist: How many of us are there?


  1. I love TED. Will definitely look into that movie--sounds like quite the gem.
    And I'll admit, Cruel Chris, I have missed seeing you over at my place, but I agree, sometimes we need a break. It's unrealistic to think we can keep up w/everyone all the time. So there, you're off the hook. (Like you were ever on it.) ;)

  2. Oh da man! I discovered Ted Talks a while back and am addicted to his stuff.
    Hey there ain't no need to explain yourself and relative absence from commenting. I'm sure I speak for others and can safely say that we know you are lurking around.
    You COULD spend all day commenting on others (well mine at least) or you could keep on churning out your dead brilliant writing. I suggest the latter should be the path you take ;)

  3. Your blog may or may not have just changed my life.
    With that said, I wanna be best friends.

  4. Ted talks rock. And you need to get back into the stalking other blogs scene child!

  5. wow..:-)
    and during this maneuvering of reading you honored my blog with your comment after a long time.,..

  6. man, you totally missed out not reading my blog for 15 days. i discovered the true meaning of life and posted about that, then i also decided to share my foolproof secret to becoming a self made multi millionaire (trust me, it works), and then to top it all off, and because i'm a giver, i posted several raunchy nude photos of myself for my readers to use as masturbation material. guess you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  7. I love this film .... I actually own it, it's doing the rounds a friends houses at the moment !!!


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