May 31, 2011

Crime and Catharsis

I called him Young Raskolnikov. He was obsessed with treasure and committed crimes to get it. Deep down he was really just a broken person desperately seeking punishment. One morning, as I sat out on the stoop, I saw him running down the street screaming like the bastard of some sort of mythical banshee. His white shirt was covered in blood. He dropped to his knees, began to cry and remained there until captain Porfiry and his boys showed up.

They slapped the cuffs on him and hauled him away. He looked at me from the back of the squad car and I saw a smile on his face. He'd finally met his destiny of detainment. If only he hadn't hurt so many others in his pursuit of discipline. Sometimes freedom can only be found in chains. Sometimes being told you're bad is the only way to ease the pain.
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  1. Very nice. Curious-- did you ever check out Steps?

  2. (Still showing up as Anonymous! This is Katy...)

    Good writing!

    Some folks don't know what to do unless they are being restrained.

    There ought to be a place where people can go turn themselves in for crimes they haven't committed yet.

  3. Great post, Chris, it's very thought provoking. Good to see you back.

    Google is being an ass and not letting me post under my name, it's Robyn@SimplyFresh

  4. great piece here. i love short writings that are tight and complete.

  5. I'm glad you're back. I've missed your kick ass posts. :)

    There are so many fantastic one-liners in this piece. Great work.

  6. I felt like being shot while reading this story.

    Crime and Punishment is one of my favorite books. I made a script of it for a play in high school. HAHA.

  7. very thought provoking - and good to see you back

  8. I read so many subtexts into that. 'Twas AWESOME.

    Don't worry, I had no idea what I was on about either!

    Also: Hello! I hope things get less busy and stressful for you soon :)


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