June 7, 2011


If there is anything as pleasurable as sitting on the porch and sipping an ice cold Corona on a hot night in the windy city I have yet to find it. Well, at least not anything a gentleman and a scholar such as myself would mention.

Summer has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier. My only regret is that I don't get a summer vacation anymore. I would sell my soul to waste the next few months of the year in my own little bubble while hustle, bustle and booty shorts swarmed around my sanctuary.
Image taken from here: http://blog.catalyststudios.com/2005/06/how-design-conference-chicago-05.html


  1. Man, I wish we had some of that summer heat over here in SF. If I want to feel temperatures over 55 degrees I have to leave town.

  2. Well, I'm glad you get to enjoy the hot summer nights at home, at least. :) You're going to hate me, but I have not been enjoying my jobless days in this unbearable heat. But that's mostly because I'm trying to lose weight by jogging three hours a day in the sweltering sun, rather than enjoying an ice cold beer as I should! ;)

  3. Gross. Corona? Out of any beer you pick Corona?

  4. Ok, 48 degrees on my porch. Summer is over.


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