June 9, 2011

No. F U(FO)

At times I feel a bit like an alien. These peculiar creatures are always entering, leaving and reentering my life. I have conversations with them, study them, learn to understand them, and sometimes I even develop enough of an affinity for them to care about what happens to them. Of course, I eventually snap out of it and realize that I am just the same as they are.

I am a human being. I eat, sleep, fuck, and rebel against the thought that I'm just like all the rest of humanity. It sounds mundane, but it's not so bad. Anyway, it sure beats the hell out of being a dung beetle. A well-trained eye will notice our physical differences and our individual idiosyncrasies the same way an aardvarkologist can separate aardvark A from aardvark B. From the perspective of an alien though, everyone looks the same.

Instead of fighting it, I'm learning to embrace the sameness of us. I've noticed that when I do, I feel less like an alien and begin to really live. I'm only just beginning to realize this. That's why I still have to intellectually justify it with a meaningless blog post. Just like everyone else.
Image taken from: http://www.wallpapersahead.com/paranormal?pid=55


  1. Well, I like to think that I am far superior to the dull creatures that walk the earth.

  2. We're, like, all connected, bro :)

    After reading this I'm kicking myself for not studying aardvarkology in school...

  3. There's great liberation in the kind of humility you just discussed.

  4. gotta love aardvark b. i think he's pretty awesome.

  5. Oh the feeling of being totally outside everything that is going on around you, I know it too well.

    Returning to New Zealand after 10 months in Japan, I honestly couldn't recognize my parents coz all the white folks looked the same ^.^;

    Although, to a knitter UFO means "UnFinished Object", so I was hella confused when I read your post title! XD I have to say, managing to impress a random male with my knitting skills definitely makes me feel awesome :3 *Puts on Ninja hat*

    Off to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still. Brb.


    sounds like a Norwegian black metal band!

  7. I find it comforting that we're all basically the same, but when you look at the details, we're so very very different.

  8. I once saw a great opera starring a dung beetle. It didn't seem so bad for him, I mean at least they're recycling. A jovial beetle he was.

  9. I find it interesting that by saying you feel the same as everyone else, you manage to be more different than anyone else I know.

    Not many people in this world are genuinely talented writers. But you are. ;)

  10. Yeah, well on some level we are the same but on finer levels of detail we become different. just like the aardvarks.


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