June 5, 2011

She Tastes Like Music

She wore Johnny Cash t-shirts and was eager when performing fellatio. Obviously she was the love of my life. I even proposed, but her daddy didn't like me much. He was a big Johnny Cash fan, too. The problem was that he loved his shotgun and daughter just as much as the Man in Black.

I ended up leaving her for a skinny chic that liked the Ramones. She was nice and all, but the head felt kind of sedated. I enjoy her company, but I find myself developing a secret wanderlust. I checked out Miss Metallica, that silly White Stripes girl and even this woman I worked with that loved The Beatles. The latter had potential, but she always looked half dead to me.

I miss my girl in black. As much as I'd love to live in the past I just can't. For now I'll just ride things out with Ramona until a girl in a Frank Zappa tee comes along to blow... my mind. You perverts.
Image taken from: http://media.photobucket.com/image/johnnie%20cash/lehappy/P1130675225.jpg


  1. Wow ... the music if my life (and where I'd fit in lol) is racing through my mind. Powerful stuff, music ...

  2. it's the weird al gurls you gotta look out for... me myself misses the barry manilow t-shirt girl, but she broke my heart...

  3. Do not settle for less.

    The tees make the girl.

  4. My dad thinks he's Johnny Cash.

  5. ha! :) nice post :)

    and that sounds like my DAD! ... he doesnt just scare my current boyfriend/s but also my boy- friends... it was so embarrassing when my guy friends were suddenly talking about it in school :))

    anyway, 3 yrs my boyfriend survived.

    I wish you good luck tho:)

  6. Minecraft? I love to explore. I can explore awesome blocky worlds that I'm too poor to visit the real-life equivalents of.

    Send Miss Cash my way, prrrrrrr!

  7. if you think johnny cash girls are good fellaters, you should see what dead kennedys girls can do.

  8. Yeah well you never met the girl i, oh i dunno, saw for a while. She was an Einsturzende Neu Bauten nut and she fellated on an industrial scale. Like a damn jackhammer...i forgot where i was going with this...oh yeah, nice style...i like it..

  9. You need to find yourself a Neil Diamond girl.

  10. i like the tags most on this post. great music :)



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