September 3, 2011


I improve the self-worth of the downtrodden. They begin to laugh and smile a little more and pheromones start to fill the air. Eventually they let me push my penis inside them. After that I disappear. I'm not sure if they are the illusion, or if I am.

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  1. mm, the downtrodden really are good for that kind of stuff aren't they? why is it sometimes so satisfying to manipulate people i wonder?

    on a completely unrelated note, is bride wars really one of your favorite movies? that somehow just doesn't fit the profile.

    good to see you back with this little gem of a post!

  2. This could be an interesting subject for a witty haiku! About the downtrodden tho...aren't they a lil prettier when they smile? Doesn't it bring them up? If it is real...maybe pushing your penis inside them will show them light and it could be worth something more? hmmm....who knows, but then again who does...

  3. Maybe it is all an illusion at that point.

    I missed your posts. Good to see you around here for a brief moment.

  4. Lol, Chris, you're effin hilarious. How sweet of you to help the downtrodden. :)


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