December 26, 2009

The D.S.A. (Disunited States of America)

I just finished watching "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel and it made me wonder what the world would look like if the Constitution of the United States didn't call for a strong central government. What if the United States looked more like the European Union? What if each "state" was a state in the classical sense of the word? A fragmented North American continent wouldn't possibly be able to rise to the heights, and yes at times lows, that the U.S. reached.

Canada would have been the bully on the continent pushing us around and grabbing land. Mexico would have kept the southwest. Terrorist attacks occurring in New York, not from members of Al-Qaeda, but disgruntled Red Sox fans over years of "Yankee" imperialism on the baseball field. Naval battles on Lake Michigan between Illinois and Wisconsin led by Admirals Urlacher and Favre. The south seceding from itself!

In the end it doesn't matter. In my opinion it worked out for the best, but what if games can be fun.

November 25, 2008

To the Winter.

Dear Mr. Frost,

Please be kind to us. Last year was brutal. You proved your power. Endless sub-zero nights; foot after foot of snow poured upon us. You proved your power and we faced it with desperate determination. This year you must show us your mercy. Our financial situation is perilous, our societal bonds strained. As families lose income and the ranks of the homeless swell we desperately seek your mercy. Every frozen child and frost-bitten street-walker will be on your conscience. Don't make us forever hate you. That is not a threat. Instead, an opportunity to show your compassion.

If we are to ask you to be kind we must also show our love and compassion not only to you but to each other. When your brother comes to you in need old grudges must be forgotten. Old divisions must be bridged between families, between races, between countries, between enemies and within ourselves if we are going to survive this terrifying moment in world history. This won't be the first devastating moment in mankind, nor the last. When historians look back at our age and write about who was a hero and who was indifferent what side will you be on?

There is much more to do. There is much more you can do. There is much more I can do. Will we all do what we can?

November 20, 2008

To the Future Love of My Life.

My Love,

When I meet you you'll be the most alive person I've ever met. You, my love, will destroy all of my cynicisms, pretensions and intellectual egoisms with one fell swoop. When our fingers are intertwined and our lips locked there will be nothing but happiness and love enveloping our being.

It will not only be you that makes me beam happiness after our acquaintance but all that is in the world. The gruffy man at the station selling papers; the silly little girl running after her hat in the wind; the mother that curses and scolds me for being a damn fool though she's never met me, nor heard my damn fool voice; but most of all those mischevious eyes you'll look at me with for no apparant reason at all.


Awe me.
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