October 30, 2008

A Letter to the President.

Dear Mr. President,

In less than a week I will be leaving you. The divorce will be final in January and I hope to never see you again. I've endured eight years of your abuse, both mental and physical. I'd love to say I wish you would just die and rot in hell, but I can't. When I see you or hear your name my heart is no longer filled with venom and hatred but overwhelmed with a raging apathy. I have moved on. My friends and family have moved on. Your power over me is completely severed. I'll soon be with someone kind and thoughtful. Someone I can respect. Someone that doesn't have to call me names and make me feel irrelevant to get his kicks.

Weak men always bully. Weak men always have to act tough to gain the approval of their idiot friends. You and your boys are all spineless cowards giving orders from your offices. Leaving the dirty work to the regular people who have to fight for the simplest luxuries while you sip the finest of scotches with the scum of the earth.

Now you're exposed for what you are. Everyone knows what you've done. You'll never live your reputation as an abuser down. And don't worry about me. I'm picking up the pieces. I've dealt with adversity before. I'll overcome. I don't need power to have strength but I wonder if you'll have any strength now that you're powerless. Go find Jesus.


Fuck you.

1 comment:

  1. ah, here you're...been looking for you everywhere!!



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