The Contented Atheist

On the Value of Life

One misconception that I've run into a number of times is that atheists don't value life. The thinking goes that because I'm not going to heaven or hell that everything is just sort of pointless. I would argue to the contrary. I only have this life I'm living right now. I have to try and make the most of it or my life really is a waste. I don't have the luxury of an afterlife that lasts an eternity. Once I die, that's it... [Click to read more]

On Leaps of Faith

One of the biggest problems I have with monotheistic religions is the way God wants you to put your trust in him unconditionally. A wise friend once told me never to trust anyone that says trust me. I can't really get my head around the idea of believing in something there is no evidence of just because some book said I should. Am I less gullible than everyone else or just less trusting? Is it even conceivable, given the makeup of my personality, that I could ever really make the proverbial leap of faith? ... [Click to read more]

On Church

I grew up in the Lutheran church. I had to go to Sunday School every week from as far back as I can remember. At the tender age of five my mother would dress me up in my little blue blazer complete with red snap-on tie and send me off to church with my dad. My mom was ironically still an atheist at the time. She's very active in the church now. Sort of funny the way we switched places over the years, but that's another story. ... [Click to read more]

On Missionaries

We know who Jesus is. We do. If there is one thing Christians are good at, it's networking. We all know the stories. They are really great stories. Jesus stories are probably the best stories that have ever been told, written or recited. Baby Jesus was really cute. How could you not like Baby Jesus? I've been an atheist for a few years now but I still go to church every Christmas because it makes my mom happy. At least that's what I tell everyone. Really, the stories about Baby Jesus make me feel as happy as a little kid in a Dora the Explorer inflatable playhouse. [Click to read more]

On Religion in America

Any atheist that lived through the Bush years knows that those were dark, dark times. To be honest, anyone with half a brain knows that period wasn't exactly a high point in American history. For a while there "Christian Conservatives" ruled the world and even normally pragmatic atheists thought it was the end of the world (or at least planned to move to Canada). ... [Click to read more]

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  1. I really like your blog, i clicked on it because of the name, because Dosty is the most amazing author ever. I feel the same way about atheism as well.


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