February 7, 2013

Thesaurus Rex

If I had my own dinosaur I'd call him Thesaurus Rex and we'd always be on the same page but he'd say things a little differently.


NOTE: I thought Thesaurus Rex would be a cute idea for a children's book. So I googled it. Turns out it already is. Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg. Not sure if I've seen the book before and it subconsciously came to mind while I was on thesaurus.com or if Mrs. Steinberg and I just share a love of dinosaurs and words. So if you like the idea go buy her book here

It might keep me from getting sued. 

February 5, 2013

Blinding Familiarity

I search for patterns. I love efficiency. Not the heartless and cold sort that you read about in dystopian alternate universes, but the simple, elegant efficiency Albert Einstein would daydream about once upon a time.

It's the little things that truly amaze me. Simple, sophisticated, why-the-f***-didn't-I-think-of-that, understated genius. From the unparallelled ergonomics of a fork to the smooth shine of an expertly bent paperclip. These things are intuitive to the touch, easy on the eyes and-mini miracles of human ingenuity that make me appreciate those whom took the time to appreciate the more mundane parts of life. Lateral thinking, when applied to routine routines is the real mechanism that sparked civilization.

It'd be a great day for Nikola Tesla day if there weren't already so many outraged nerds on that bandwagon. I want to buy a beer for the inventor of the bottle cap! If I could, I would give a high five to the guy that invented the pause button. They even made a movie about the guy who invented intermittent windshield wipers! Oh, and I'd totally blow whomever it was that invented the zipper.
Image taken from: http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/750881-bigthumbnail.jpg

February 1, 2013

Memory Lane

As I lay here, bathed in the tawdry glow of the word wide web and my ever-advancing alarm clock, I think back to the insomnia of yesteryear and reminisce on what I used to do late at night. Half-drunk late nights are awful without the aid of warm milk, filthy sex or adventure.

Being left all alone with only your irrational worries and fears can be terrifying. It would make you want to tear the hair from your head if you weren't too worried about plucking one of the gray ones you pretend not to see every morning. Losses. Regrets. Failures. Monstrosities. The things that make up this undefinable thing called life. Unfulfilled and unappreciated. The curse our generation bears.

Ten years ago long and sleepless nights were filled with dark desires and idealistic ambitions. Now I look back at actual actions. Some disturbing, others disappointing, all very distant now.

As I move onwards to the next chapter I can't help but wonder if the ship will ever sail straight. Or if I'll ever have a good night's sleep.


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