November 2, 2008

A Letter to the Voters of America.

Dear Voters of America,

In only two more days I intend to celebrate with a million of my closest friends in downtown Chicago. I intend to only be at the rally until midnight because there will be an overwhelming victory for soon to be President-elect Barack Obama. I intend to get caught up in the moment with some idealistic young college student. I intend to migrate to Rush St. with a million of my closest friends. I intend to do things that shouldn't be talked about on a public forum. I intend to eat a greasy breakfast at 4 AM. I intend to go home and sleep till noon. I intend to go have a lunch with my mom to celebrate. I intend to see our country turned over the next for years.

Voters of America: Don't fuck this up for me.


Third time is the charm.

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