About Me

Hello, I'm Christopher. Christopher Allen. 

I drink too much. I think too much. Sometimes I'm cognizant enough to put those thoughts down on paper before they drift up into the atmosphere and contribute to our ever increasing ozone problems. That's right, I help prevent climate change by putting my pseudo-intellectual, methane-rich bullshit into the virtual world instead of the real world. Consider this page my carbon offset.

Notes From Underground is an unregistered trademark of my literary hero, Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is also the name of my blog. No.F.U. is an abbreviation of said unregistered trademark and makes me chuckle endlessly. All rights unreserved.


  1. I love how pretentiously innocent you look resting on that bench :P

  2. Yeah, in that sleeping innocent man... is the heart of a real trouble maker.

  3. keep preventing climate change. that could be your slogan for 2012!

    by the way, commenting, reading and following because i actually like what you write :)

  4. hmmm interesting! :) now I'm a follower :)


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