November 20, 2008

To the Future Love of My Life.

My Love,

When I meet you you'll be the most alive person I've ever met. You, my love, will destroy all of my cynicisms, pretensions and intellectual egoisms with one fell swoop. When our fingers are intertwined and our lips locked there will be nothing but happiness and love enveloping our being.

It will not only be you that makes me beam happiness after our acquaintance but all that is in the world. The gruffy man at the station selling papers; the silly little girl running after her hat in the wind; the mother that curses and scolds me for being a damn fool though she's never met me, nor heard my damn fool voice; but most of all those mischevious eyes you'll look at me with for no apparant reason at all.


Awe me.


  1. ...You like, So Rock, Dude. (I DO NOT KNOW where that came from?) it just sorta come out. But, No, really, I enjoyed reading this sappy, syrupy, sweet and oozing feeling love letter for the sweetest girrl you ever meet. Ah, to dream of being in love; Tis such the sweetest, true-est, pure-est dreamy-ing-est..I hope you meet her and it goes just like this....

  2. Christopher darlin.. i am cutting myself right now just thinking about you

  3. I like how you worded this Christopher :) Oh and Great Expectaions is one of theeee best books I have ever read =D


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