November 19, 2008

An Open Letter to the Psychotics of the Fairer Sex.

Dear Psycho-Chics,

What the fuck? Seriously. I know you represent a small minority of the women in the world but how can you be so fucking crazy and then think that doing something even crazier will fix your relationship?

If you are having a fight with your boyfriend over something stupid you don't put the car in park, jump out, and run away while your boyfriend is sitting at a stoplight next to a police car. If your boyfriend dumps your crazy ass for jumping out of the car and won't answer your calls sending a picture message of your wrist dripping blood and/or ketchup won't convince him to take your crazy ass back.

If you call him and say that you'll slit your throat if he doesn't come see you and then he doesn't show up it isn't because he doesn't care about you it is because you don't give a shit about him. If you did you wouldn't put him through that hell.

There is no hormonal excuse for this sort of behavior. You are just fucking crazy. Put down that broken piece of mirror you just cut your wrist with and look in it. Something is severely wrong with you. No man will ever fix that insecurity or insanity you have inside you. Seek help, please.


Single Again.


  1. Well, at first, I was excited to be a 'crazy psycho chic.' But, in reality; This, is not the level of crazy I am at. Sorry, if this is true, It shouldn't be.

  2. Run a mile, a mile!!

  3. Not just the fairer sex here dear, I had a fiance once torment me for two months after I ended things until I mistakenly took him back just in pity. It is the insecure who are crazy, because they look to anyone but themselves to make them feel whole and worthwhile. So as long as you prey on the insecure...understand what you will get.


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